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Tumblr prohibits ‘feeling’ tags from staying on the App Store

Tumblr but banned which users can see on its iOS app in an attempt to ensure it is no longer removed from the Apple App Store. One of the steps they took to follow Apple’s guidelines was to reduce the impact of tags or search terms that Tumblr claims “could fall under the growing definition of content.” The website will block some of them – do this more than others, based on this beauty long list of the restrictions and limitations collected by Tumblr users to TechCrunch results has been sent.

While the inclusion of specific words in the list is self-explanatory, there are also some interesting notes, such as “Eugene Levy” and “Tony the Tiger.” The ban also makes it harder to seek out issues related to mental health, such as PTSD, frustration and anxiety, as well as issues such as racism and homicide. Those looking for a closed tag will find a window that says “These items are hidden” instead of a page with results. They will also see the same information if they try to find blogs that were known as “information” on the app. Users are also able to see less ideas under your “items” and “results” due to new restrictions.

Tumblr launched the update three years after it was fully launched blocking large objects on his platform. If you remember, Tumblr banned adults in 2018 after Apple to pull its app from iTunes in response to finding kids exploited photos on the website. The social networking site says that these updates apply to its iOS app and do not affect anyone who browses Tumblr online or on Android. So said another prophet TechCrunch results that the company “is working on a highly thought-provoking solution that will be released soon.”

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