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Trump’s vaccination sect shows that populism is not the only thing

Before the attack takes its toll, it gives them a chance. “People often forget, like, how old Trump is,” he said Candace Owens on weekends. The broadcaster had just heard the former US president play the drum for the Covid-19 vaccine instead of some nonsense. To curb the sect, he has called on frustrated Republicans to consider his generation ‘s ignorance of other issues and “independent research”. “Like, he left long before TV,” Owens said Student megastar.

Trump urged people to be rude at his rallies, such as, thanks for the vaccine. The far right-hand man Alex Jones wonders if it was ignorance or “evil” that drew him away from the path of righteousness. None of this adds to the collapse of the Robespierre class from the public interest. The election of a Republican president in 2024 is still Trump’s overthrow. But events in some parts of the world give evidence that something is happening. For the past decade, Marine Le Pen has tried to paint a portrait of French dignitaries. His party he changed his name, softened his line on capital punishment and formed a kind of peace with the EU.

That this “relationship with power”, as his father calls it, must endure more than the pain of his parents. He should also see the majority of his constituents turn to lesser national nativism Eric Zemmour. Winner of two presidential elections this year, the polls show that France is far too divided to take part in the final elections next year.

At least this is a disagreement among the opponents. In Britain, sanctification tests take place within the ruling party. After receiving leadership as a Brexit hardliner, Boris Johnson now has the right to Conservative Doubt. commitment to doctrine. What about tax cuts and labor laws? And what about all the EU borders in the Irish Sea? Brexit Secretary, leaving on him earlier this month. He would not be the last to get half or nine-tenths of unsatisfactory bread. Right or left, the eternal state of mind is depressing.

It would be impulsive to say that it did not happen by accident here. These are three different politics, but in all of them, the leader went to a group of very angry voters, had a great victory, and then found that the nation was very hard to be satisfied. In both cases, the breakdown between the leader and the leader does not occur even in the state, a place that always agrees with reality. Just think of Trump’s current crisis if his White House were to launch a vaccine. Imagine Le Pen having to make President Emmanuel Macron real choices about oil taxes.

There is something here to motivate politicians in 2022, and something to confuse them. The first is clear. Populism is fissiparous. Either way, fight back, protest and get rid of the campaign. Take it all very seriously. But do not think of a monolith where there is only inchoate evil forces. Do not underestimate the potential for the other side to fall under its steam. Trump once said he could kill civilians on the streets without losing his senior voters. And that is it is still true that there is no cause for complaint against him. But this does not mean that there is nothing wrong with it.

Trump’s anti-Trump fire shows his insecurity. The problem is that it also shows how hard populism was. If we have learned anything in 2021, I would say that this is more than a religious movement. It has become a faith with red philosophical and almost theological lines, even though it took a century-long epidemic to end. The townspeople will not follow the musician anywhere.

This was not obvious a few years ago. Trump failed to build a wall against Mexico, without breaking his heart on his side. In the top international questions such as North Korea, they exchanged between nuclear threats and unlimited download to a dictator half his age. Once again his followers went with him. He also cut taxes by US corporate laws, running like everyone else. A British Labor politician, outraged by those who adhere to the principles of the literature, once described socialism as anything “the Labor government does”. For a long time in his presidency, it seems that American populism is what Trump did. Earlier this year, it was excused to ask if the group could have existed without him.

Now it is clear that you can be there to oppose him. It has power and authority that does not depend on any leadership. As in the UK and France too, it is in the US where it is dangerous. Questions in The siege of the Capitol of January last week revealed that various Republicans, including blood relatives, had urged Trump to calm his people down that day. How touching to believe that he had their ear.

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