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He caused Beethoven’s heart to rise, then broke. Even the Civil Code or the Banque de France, the only ones left in Napoleon for two centuries are paintings that angered them. (The “inspired” does not say.) There is an ancient story of the Third Symphony, the Glorious, mentioned later until he went to dress himself Emperor. English romantics, whether pro (Byron) or anti (Wordsworth), were also involved. Even Stanley Kubrick tried biopic before establishing a simple doctrine: the Vietnam War, a kind of free will.

It is not necessary for anyone to dispute the significance of a man whose two years of death have divided France. Nor will I get involved: the country and its former territories are eligible to judge whether they were “Horse Knowledge”. What I do know is that if France has taken some of its records, it has a lot of companies.

There are two reasons I respond to a “globalist” ridiculer, and there are no negative opinions. The first is the lack of resolution on this issue. My country of citizenship cannot be the same as my country of birth, which is not the same as the country of my parents, which is not the same as my country. I could take “continental” instead of “country” four times in these words. Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly? Even Peter Ustinov, an actor and international activist, can claim to have had the continent. It is easy for me to get married in South America, move to Australasia, and finish the place.

Another reason – and the Napoleon-gate brings it home – is that the world needs crazy ideas. (“Lies” are disrespectful.) In order to help us empathize with others who are not equal in the past, there must be false beliefs. Hence the restoration of the most difficult people in history. Likewise the comparison of uninterrupted blood lines, the unique calculation of prevailing conditions, the unwavering commitment and flexibility of boundaries.

Wise for this chicanery, historians have a say. “There is no such thing as world history.” That is, to dig a little deeper, and even the “old” type is just speculative and confusing with others. Of course, global interdependence is a limited identity, if not recognizable at all. But there is no need for anyone to be deceived.

Britain is linked together – logically – the belief that excellence in international health services is a must, a second global issue that could cause eyebrows in Russia, and see itself as a unique sea, in contrast to Spain, the Netherlands and other well-known countries. Winston Churchill replaces Napoleon as a one-time, last-ditch god.

When it comes to America, the myth is bound up with opportunities, regardless of parental wealth (issues for travel researchers) or countries. “There is no other world in the world where my story can end,” said Barack Obama, a former member of the Illinois senate. What he thinks the most successful refugees in Canada, Britain or France do with their work is between him and the reporter.

Now, believe me when I say I’m glad these nonsense goes on. “There is no myth, no world,” wrote Gore Vidal. “No race, no order,” he added. I know what happens when people lose relationships. This is how I swam in the very tip of the Eurasian Gorge. Give me a tale on the most likely scams.

That and making up a myth, however. The race seems like faith to me as a religion. And Napoleon’s existing lineup is not an issue. The point is that the explosion of doubt and disunity does not affect almost all countries, almost always. Near the city or in many monarchies, this is a new specialty. It is not the commitment of the wet eye to the important unity of the people that leaves me cold on the nation. I just think, without a lot of fake stuff, there’s no “there” there.

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