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Trade union and music in the ears of the free system around the world

The storm of meetings that took place in the week of President Joe Biden in Europe – G7, Nato, US-Russia and the two countries’ summits – one of the most talked about could be significant. EU-US Summit The past Tuesday marks a dramatic shift in transatlantic relations, as well as western power that has disrupted the world.

The headlines described a very successful operation – an agreement to end a long-running trade war to help aircraft manufacturers. Welcome to the event, however, do not miss the essentials of the convention and the airline. A five-year suspension of trade sanctions could end or not end the Boeing-Airbus dispute. Most importantly, the conflict is represented, good faith is re-established and both parties are committed to making decisions based on what they share and their interests rather than dividing them.

The demands continue to boost private trade or end the tax war from President Donald Trump. Europe and the US have been using commercial methods to work on non-commercial and geostrategic challenges. This habit will now be more closely linked.

The conference highlights the need for trade to become a tool for sharing, “helping to adapt to climate change, protecting the environment, promoting workers’ rights, enhancing tolerance…. Chain chains” among other things. who he means means “unsustainable economy that is destroying businesses around the world”.

The most important result is the establishment of the US-EU Trade and Technology Council. Read as an EU award, which wants exactly this to the coming US supervisors in December. Brussels may be puzzled by Washington’s approach to the idea. The council will include three members of Biden’s cabinet – the secretary of state, the secretary of trade and the trade attorney – and a wide range of working groups from the technical level to data management to financial and security monitoring and human rights issues.

We can expect two good things. One of the most effective ways to connect digital assets is to control them. This should make it easier to grow digital business and transfer data between the two economies. It helps the US move faster to another European way of punishing private companies. A recent sign is the Biden transformation Appointment of Lina Khan, a strong critic of the Big Tech market, as a competition manager.

Secondly I am very much in agreement on setting the standard. This includes the internet – the term of the conference has set the “goal of establishing a democratic democracy” – but it has to reach physical standards. When China wants be steadfast in all the earth, a solid transatlantic connection and game changer.

I quit my job for the “splinternet” to be created, and it hampered digital integration between the US, EU and China while enacting various digital economic laws. Now I hope the correction that can be curtailed across the Atlantic Ocean. This could lead to a drastic change in regulation and accepted standards elsewhere, forcing China to change its white supremacist system instead of its surroundings.

Of course, persistence has to be done. Both teams are jealous of their authority and know their competition in the competition. In addition, previous organizations were disappointed. But today it is different: the notion of a combined risk is high, Trump’s time is new in people’s minds, and the idea that global economic policies are being re-drafted is very difficult. I promise that we will work together to draft a new constitution instead of trying to resolve the US-EU conflict over the past.

None of this will make the EU-US alliance possible. But that is not the point. In the 21st century, business ideas have become increasingly common in finding ways to comply with domestic laws – to run a successful business, yes, but more importantly to establish international law.

The conference sets out Biden’s dilemma to show that democracies around the world can work together to deliver better results for citizens than for the ways in which the world’s most powerful people advocate. With the re-established EU-US relationship, the old world charity system is living and beating one day, then another.

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