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Toyota’s first electric car will hit the road in 2022


Back in February, Toyota announced it would happen showing three electric vehicles in the US by the end of 2021. Of the three, the two are said to be fully electric, while one will be a hybrid. The machine maker has now explained a great vision of EV as it tries to avoid carbon offsets by the year 2050. Toyota has announced today it plans to sell about 70 electric vehicles worldwide by the end of 2025, including 15 new electric models.


About half of them will fall under the new Beyond Zero company, when the bZ4X SUV Toyota was unveiled today launching the event. While this is just an idea at the moment, Toyota is planning to quickly turn it into a road maintenance car after it started production in Japan and China. The company says it is “hoping” to start selling bZ4X by mid-2022, and announces the US brand for the future.

bZ4X inside


Toyota did not share much of the bZ4X. We know that it was made by Subaru and will have all the wheels and power utility of Toyota’s e-TNGA electric motor. It will also include a frame for tall inner wheelbases. Outside of bZ4X and other Beyond Zero cars, the company is also reorganizing its car electronics. That’s what some car manufacturers love Ford is also preparing.

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