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Toshiba board to prevent the contract from taking the entire team secretly

Toshiba is on the verge of scrapping an agreement to take the entire company into secrecy and is planning to unveil another way of dividing the business into three categories that other investors would object to, according to people familiar with the matter.

$ 20bn donation to conglomerate UK Private Equity Group CVC in April it raised the price of the unit and has remained high since then and I hope Toshiba has made progress with what can be bought more in Japan.

But after a countless and successful revolt by the owners seeking to sell or renovate deeply, Toshiba was forced to convene a special committee. research options to reduce corporate “discounts”.

The committee’s plan, which is due to be released on Friday, said Divide Toshiba became a three-pronged company and left the opportunity for one business – perhaps a well-known company in small arms and semiconductors – to be traded privately.

One of the three companies, which will focus on Toshiba’s infrastructure, nuclear and heavy equipment, as well as complex technologies in areas such as manufacturing and quantum computing, could fall under Japanese protection. Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.

The other company will serve as the asset management unit and maintain Toshiba’s 40 per cent stake in Kioxia, a commemorative business that sold to Bain Capital in 2018. The company’s successful office and manufacturing machine manufacturer, Toshiba Tec, will also be a shareholder. of this section.

The necessary restructuring of Toshiba, which is to be approved by shareholders at the extraordinary general assembly, is the result of a four-month in-depth discussion on how to recoup the assets of a company that was about to collapse in 2017.

As part of the financial engineering project that was used to test and resolve the crisis, Toshiba offered new units. A large number of these ended up in in the hands of the merchants who have proven that they can win leadership in the votes they have.

Since the three-way division plan was released this week, nine investors representing about 30 percent of Toshiba’s share register told the Financial Times that they had found the idea frustrating and impossible.

“If a split is a backlog, then it is acceptable but only if the company starts selling. [to private equity] and it fails, ”said one participant.

Many shareholders said they were disappointed that the differentiation approach seemed to be a better way to sell the entire company to private equity, which some believe could produce a higher price.

“From the limited information we have at present, the three-way split does not sound like something we will support. I think there are still investors who will not believe that there is no PE contract for the whole company,” said one stakeholder.

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