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Top Midweek Extracurricular Activities: Earthly Weapons, Beautiful Tools, and More

Sales reduces waste in some positive way, whether by using empty plastic or by recycling materials, we strive to reflect this. Earth Day may have passed, but we are happy to say that there are many good things happening this weekend on natural materials, from white washcloths to recycled bottles.

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Household Activities

Marley Eagles Drawing Papers.

Photo: JESS DADDIO / Marley Animals

See our Eco-Friendly Repair Correct some answers.

  • Three Pieces of Bluebirds Dish Fourth Package for $ 28 ($ 7 off): Use code CLEANGREEN on beautiful fabrics that can be ruined when you buy four or more for $ 7 (to give you a free one). They do not stink or rot, and they dry out quickly. You can throw them in the washing machine or in the dishwasher up to 200 times.
  • Marley’s Monsters Notes 24-pack $ 43 ($ 11 discounted): Use code WORLD 2021 to get 20% off the site. We especially like Unpaper towels that suck a lot. They stick together, so that you can wrap them around traditional towels. It’s expensive, but you’ll save money in the end by cutting down on the latest tires. You can also choose 12 small packages for $ 24, or six $ 13, and discount.
  • $ 38 Stasher Multipack wallets ($ 13 discounted): These are the WIRED favorites because they easily replace ziplock pockets. Just wash them and reuse them so they can continuously store almost anything. This bundle comes with one envelope bag, two sandwich bags, and one half gallon bag.
  • $ 9 Bag Bag ($ 3 discounted): Use code WORLD DAY by paying 25% on all reusable bags. Stop using plastic bags to bring your food home – take a backpack if you don’t already have one! With the collection of Back to Earth from Baggu, you can pack your own wild animals. Safety bags are made from a mixture of residual fabrics, but there are a ton of other images to choose from, such as the ones mentioned And the Simpsons or Where is Waldo.
  • Home / Work Weekly Global Collection 20% discount: Home / Work is one of us small businesses like which showcases local artists and enduring companies. Its World Sabbath collection includes everything from art galleries to bamboo dishes and lunch boxes, and all of this is 20%.

Vegetable Products

Saalt long underwear.

Photo: Saalt

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