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Tomorrow: El Salvador has made Bitcoin a legal currency

Bitcoin has risen on the rollercoaster in recent months. Favorite Tesla, and the price hike, while the EV manufacturer lowered BTC prices, the cryptocurrency rate fell sharply, (by 37% last month, at the time of writing). Come on, don’t tell El Salvador.

President Nayib Bukele has fulfilled his promise to launch a Bitcoin campaign, including the US dollar. That is, for about 90 days, a cryptocurrency currency can be used as a return on investment or services only if the business does not have the opportunity to accept it.

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In the US, very few people have tried to live their lives paying with Bitcoin, and that’s it as you might expect. El Salvador has tried to embrace cryptocurrency before taking such a leap, at least: Two small coastal towns, El Zonte and Punta Mango, launched the Bitcoin economy last year, accepting it as a buy and sell.

The country has partnered with Strike an electronics company to ensure it has all the necessary tools for its Bitcoin push.

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All digital, and all at home.



After a one-year hiatus, E3 is back. The first event takes place today, with the Summer Games on 2PM ET. Expect some surprises, which include the looks of Weezer and Jeff Goldblum. Separately. I think.

But this is just the beginning. There will be big streams from all the major gamers – and Netflix – but you have to wait until Tuesday for the Nintendo show. Upgrade Pro, please.

If you look at the comments alongside all the sports news, we will have four video games: Summer Game Fest kickoff, Ubisoft, Xbox and Nintendo. Read through the entire list.

It is not ‘War V.’

The next morning


The next military theme is a big, recent, sandboxy title War of 2042. And obviously, the manufacturers hope that this will help players forget everything War V.

Ready to prepare the world? War of 2042 established in the nearest country The devastation caused by climate-related disasters, which led to refugee problems in human history. Refugees are being invited to take part in a global war that took place – a surprise, a surprise – the US and Russia. Now we know this War of 2042 it has three main types: World War I, Hazard Zone (the war) and the third secret still in DICE LA.

Substitution, War V, was a wagon, thin and a one-of-a-kind one at a time when a difficult battle was raging. He threw the boat. What 2042 enough? Keep reading.

The same deception on FaceID Open when you wear the mask.

You can download voice commands to Siri without opening your phone when iOS 15 comes – as long as you have an Apple Watch. Includes beta releases for manufacturers.

Apple has changed the Open and Apple Watch version to say that you can use the connection between your phone and your Watch to provide Siri rules. You do not have to unlock your phone with Face ID or password first, but your Watch must be close, and it must be unlocked. Keep reading.

One group received $ 300k and the opportunity to further their research within the ISS.

Two research teams from it has taken a long time at NASA by . The teams, named Winston and WFIRM, each managed to produce a large chunk of meat over an inch of survival and work for 30 days.

Therapeutic approaches and the things promised by this study can be flexible. Instead of relying on a volunteer team, tomorrow’s registrars will be able to print their organs instead of their surgeries, address their chances of rejection and ensure that all organs of this type are always compatible. Keep reading.

“We are in agreement.”

The next morning


Five years late for the party, Defects finally presents the play. Of course, you may get frustrated with your friends who play with your PC when you play on your switch. I (half) joke, but it will make sure everything Defects gamers will be able to connect with their peers, regardless of platform.

There is a warning: To use it, you need to create a account if you do not already have it and connect it to your Xbox, PSN or Nintendo account. That’s what Blizzard will need now Defects players to decide if they want to take advantage of crossplay-assisted access or not. Unfortunately, any collections (clothing, utensils, and more) that you receive on one machine will not pass on another platform.

As for my point about being whipped by mouse users: Blizzard says that, randomly, gamers are just like other comedians. If you want to play with / against people on a PC, you have to do it intentionally with other players on the PC. Keep reading.

You will die.

Facebook is calling on people with AI to eradicate it NetHack – one of the most challenging topics in the history of the game – and perhaps help computers learn to mimic events faster using a few simple steps. NetHack and a violent prison lover, created in the early 1980s. Each time a player is destroyed, the entire prison is rebuilt, making it easier for AI.

As part of NeurIPS 2021 NetHack Challenge, Facebook is inviting researchers to create, train and release AI machines in order to “create partners who can hit the game (or maybe) be able to score more goals.” Keep reading.

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