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Tim Cook is suing the App Store for ‘self-preservation’ in a major legal battle


Tim Cook testified Friday that the iPhone was one thing in the “highly competitive” market, as he sought to dispel claims that the company was the only one that was unacceptable in trials that could have serious consequences for 1bn iPhone users and thousands of manufacturers.

Apple’s CEO has taken part in a series of high-profile cases involving Epic Games, the manufacturer Four men. Epic alleges that Apple abuses its responsibility by forcing developers to distribute apps through the App Store, at a rate of 15-30%.

Apple has been fired Four men from the App Store last year when Epic tried to refund the money by giving players the opportunity to purchase in-app purchases.

At risk were Apple’s “billions of dollars” and legal experiments on the digital world, he objected Gene Munster of Loup Ventures.

Cook removed it from the list of competitors on the phone to reflect the competitive market, and said iPhone customers appreciate what has happened as a result of having a one-stop shop. “For us, the customer is everything,” he said. “We are trying to provide the customer with a way to integrate tools, software and services.”

Apple’s software, tools and environmental services are on the decline increased monitoring administrators in Washington and Brussels, where Epic has also been at loggerheads with iPhone manufacturers. But Epic has faced a major court case, after Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said at the end of last year that the company was embroiled in an antitrust dispute.

$ 72bn

Money spent in the Apple Store in 2020

Epic has persuaded financial experts, fellow developers and Apple executives to file a lawsuit claiming that Apple deliberately lured developers with one hope – the App Store, which did not try to make a profit, as Steve Jobs said in 2008 – before launching a number of ways to target consumers. its nature makes it easy to change.

Apple said Jobs’ words were not a pawn as a prediction – wrong, to be honest, but wrong because the App Store had, in Cook’s words, a “financial miracle”.

Jobs said it could be a “billion-dollar market at some point”, when, according to Sensor Tower, revenue in the App Store reached $ 72bn by 2020.

Epic Lawyers on Friday unveiled Cook as the App Store has a limit of nearly 80% – a picture that Epic witness posted “from the files of Apple CEO Tim Cook”. Epic sees the figure as a display of very long photographs, which shows its commitment to developers.

Cook did not dispute the facts of the report but called it “one” which did not clearly reflect all the money that Apple puts into the App Store. He also said Apple will not make a profit with the loss in the App Store.

Major cases sometimes turn out strangely, including controversy over the existence of live bananas Four men they are “naked” without their tuxedos, as Apple’s lawyer claimed.

The seemingly minor comment contradicted Apple’s use of protection: that the App Store alone is good for iPhone users, as it protects them from the obscene things that might seem like the company was forced to stop regulating and approving other retailers on its devices.

Epic called the dispute “security theater”, a ploy to make more money and to improve its security. Epic expert Katherine Forrest took a few minutes to show that iPhone users are allowed to search for terms like “porn” and “BDSM” on apps including TikTok, Instagram and Reddit. In the same App Store, Apple sells search engine ads in addition to “escorts” and takes in-app purchases on apps such as Roles of Love 3D, Forrest said.

Whatever the outcome, the case has provided an overview of what is happening at the world’s largest company, as well as the tools that Apple’s global opponents can use to advance their claims against the competition.

E-mails revealed the discovery, for example, prompted Apple executives to oppose allowing the company’s iMessage app to be used on anti-Android phones, as this could “remove” [an] an obstacle to iPhone families giving their children Android phones ”.

In another exchange, an Apple expert said it “would be nice” if Apple could sell ads in the App Store, as Google sells them in the Play Store, but acknowledged that this “contradicts” and Cook “tells the world what we make big sales without spending money”. However, Apple launched the project in 2017 with expansion last month.

Apple has complained of being “tested by anecdotes”. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

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