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TikTok tests a Cameo-like solution that allows users to pay for customization


Long movies are not the only new items coming to TikTok. The short-lived video program has begun to allow some users to pay for video producers on standard starting Cameo. By Big Tech attractions hot to follow, it seems that TikTok is not against the idea of ​​a lease on its own, as long as it keeps us active on Gen Z. At the moment, only users in Turkey and Dubai seem to have a chance to be tested, according to media reports BuzzFeed.

This new account is known as “Shoutout” and allows you to request and pay for video from those who made it using TikTok funds, in-app payments that were purchased with real money and used to make for others. Apparently the manufacturers can set the standard for their work, which is the last thing offered in your inbox. Overall, your traditional video may take more than a week to arrive as TikTok seems to be under review first. Other than that, they don’t want the section to be new Only Fans.

TikTok seems to see shouting as a way for users to ask for a happy birthday and conversations from their creators. Although, it is not known how many people need to be involved to make money from those who shout. Depending on the nature of the technology, you might expect the results to be much better than video chat.

TikTok is not the only Cameo emulation software. Facebook is also working on “Super,” a service that allows users to pay to connect with those who lead in live streams. Currently, Cameo is involved in terrorism, according to his superiors. Last year, the film project raised a total of $ 100 million, 75% of which paid for talent, reports Variety. It was 4.5 times more since 2019, when celeb users released 1.3 million shots in 2020 alone.

Cameo soon praised him $ 1 billion after raising $ 100 million from Google’s capital, Amazon is a Japanese technology giant SoftBank.

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