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Houses starting in Mali, France and the UN in Tessalit have been monitored, according to a UN peacekeeping mission in the country.

Three United Nations peacekeepers have been seriously injured in a rocket attack on a military base in northern Mali, the UN and government officials said.

Olivier Salgado, a spokesman for the UN peacekeeping mission in West Africa, MINUSMA, said the Sabbath attack had taken place in Tessalit, home to Malian, UN and French troops, AFP reported.

Three peacekeepers were “seriously injured”, he added.

The Tessalit nationalist leader, who declined to be named, told AFP that the camp had been hit by a rocket.

“Right now things are fine and moving,” he said.

Mali has been embroiled in a brutal civil war since 2012, when human rights activists launched an uprising against Tuareg rebels in the north.

France intervened to end the insurgency, but the fighters dispersed and reunited, with their home in central Mali in 2015 and then in Niger and Burkina Faso.

First established in 2013, 13,000 MINUSMA have the highest number of casualties in all UN peacekeeping cases.

More than 130 victims have been killed in the violence, including six this year, according to UN figures, out of at least 230 people killed in the strike.

Earlier this month, four UN military personnel were killed and many more were injured after militants attacked the city of Aguelhok.

In March, about 100 militants equipped with motorcycle helmets attack military base in Tessit, killing at least 33 soldiers. The military has said it killed 20 of the militants.

Nine soldiers were killed and nine others were wounded in the ambush attack in February near the central town of Bandiagara.

Terrorists in central Mali often target a roadside bomb or hit a motorcycle or a pickup truck.

Meanwhile, insecurity spread across the arid Sahel region, to Burkina Faso and Niger, with groups exploiting the plight of the oppressed and the brutal inter-ethnic conflict.

The number of attacks has risen five times between 2016 and 2020, with 4,000 people killed in three countries last year, up from about 770 in 2016, according to the UN.


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