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Thousands of flights have been suspended due to staff shortages due to COVID | transport News

Delta, Lufthansa, United have banned flights at Christmas and beyond as Omicron’s lawsuits force workers to go on sick leave.

Nearly three major airlines have banned most airlines because Omicron-linked coronavirus-related infections affect the number of employees traveling during vacation time.

At least 5,000 bans are expected on December 23-25, according to Flight Aware, an air traffic control page.

Lufthansa from Germany said on Friday that it was banning several long-distance travel trips over the Christmas holidays due to a “significant increase” in sick leave among pilots. The suspension of flights to Houston, Boston and Washington comes despite the “excess” of additional staff at this time.

The airline says it could not say whether COVID-19 was isolated or isolated from its source because it had not been notified of the disease. Passengers booked other flights.

“… But this was not enough because of the number of people calling in patients,” Lufthansa stated. ”

There are about 50 million people worldwide expected to travel on international air travel during the last vacation, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Passengers travel through Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US [Hannah Beier/Reuters]

In the United States, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines said they should ban many Christmas tours due to a shortage of workers built by Omicron.

“The global increase in omicron cases this week has had a profound effect on pilots and the people who run our operations,” United said in a statement to several newspapers. As a result, unfortunately we have suspended some flights and notified the affected customers before arriving at the airport. “

The plane said it was blocking more than 100 flights and was working to reserve as many people as possible.

Delta said it had suspended almost 90 flights on Friday due to bad weather conditions and Omicron’s involvement “after” doing everything it could – to re-alter the aircraft and its staff to meet their plans. “

It said in a statement to several shopping malls that it was trying to get passengers to their destination as quickly as possible.

The US Transportation Safety Administration says 2.1 million people have crossed the US airport on December 23.

Travelers from other countries have to travel already a test group it is necessary to vaccinate to board the plane.

The suspension comes at a time when coronavirus-driven cases of new mutations are also adding staff members to hospitals, police departments, supermarkets and other complex operations that are struggling to keep the entire staff in the forefront.

Countries including Spain and the United Kingdom have reduced the length of living space for people living with COVID-19 to reduce the number of workers allowing people to return to work immediately after being diagnosed with the virus or being diagnosed with the virus.

Delta Chief Ed Bastian was one of those who asked Biden officials to do the same or disrupt flights.

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