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‘Things could change in a moment’: Broadway bans protests over Omicron cases in New York

More than half of the Broadway shows scheduled for December have suspended several theaters as the Omicron species of coronavirus sweeps through New York during a difficult theater era.

An emergency suspension is a test of the ability of companies that had just started to fall behind unexpected extinguishing.

Actions included Hamilton, Hadestown, The Lion King and Dear Evan Hansen it will all be dark through Christmas. The Rockettes, a dance troupe whose live performances are on holiday at Radio City Music Hall, ended their first run on December 16.

Vacations have been boosting Broadway ahead of the first phase, with New York City tours dwindling and more shows approaching.

For some, that increase does not come naturally. Seven exhibitions closed; four, incl Thoughts of a Black Man and Food caterer, criticized the financial crisis over the coronavirus ban. New York City reports about 11,500 new cases of Covid-19 Wednesday.

The demonstrations have taken a long time to continue moving. Such a production was Thoughts of a Black Man, while playwright Keenan Scott II climbed the stage on December 21 and 22 his play, because the players were sick, including one who had a Covid-19. Unfortunately, it was not enough for the show to go ahead, and Wednesday was the last day.

The biggest sale was $ 22.5m a week that ended on December 19, according to the Broadway League, a trading agency, down 26 percent from last week. For the same week in 2019, before the coronavirus was detected in the US, sales reached $ 40m.

Considering that fewer shows are running this year, the revenue is 71.5 percent compared to 2019, Lee Seymour, producer and author of Broadway, to compare.

How the individual shows perform is not known, because the Broadway League no longer offers theatrical performances. Charlotte St Martin, president of the league, said the information would be released “once the business is successful”.

Even before the epidemic, there was a difference between what sellers call “neighbors” and “no” – Broadway stalwarts versus new, smaller ones.

This difference is likely to grow as individuals are drawn to known quantities. Financially protected media can withstand the ban without closing it properly.

Five of the seven shows that closed earlier this season were new to Broadway. The new products were worth up to $ 10m per company in government agencies receiving well-known demonstrations before the epidemic combined. Hamilton, Hadestown and Come Away.

“I think the biggest problem is with exhibitions that don’t have a specific brand,” said Mara Isaacs, chief producer of Hadestown.

The available data shows that people have been hungry to return to the exhibition space. On average, the shows are still open about 82 percent full, according to the Broadway League, indicating a strong demand.

Compared to the pre-epidemic, more theaters are tourists from the US and New Yorkers. TodayTix, a theater ticket maker, reported that the local audience was up 6 percent compared to 2019, while the global audience dropped by the same number. Information from the ticket seller Elegant Seats show that big names continue to attract audiences from afar.

A plot to show the distance traveled (miles) by non-NYC people to any Broadway show.  Visitors travel the farthest in Hadestown, Moulin Rouge, and Six, while traveling the shortest distance to Slave Play, Girl From The North Country, and Caroline or Change.

At the same time, people are buying tickets near the exhibition period, says Brian Fenty, head of TodayTix, threatening to boost sales.

“People. . . ensuring that their travel plans are implemented. . . he is making sure that the shows are played, ”he said.

A handful of staff at Manhattan’s offices have also made the mid-week seats difficult, say Sue Frost and Randy Adams, Come Away makanga.

Frost and Adams said hiring more staff members, as well as ensuring that Covid security was complied with, increased costs. Broadway cast, co-workers and the entire audience should receive adequate immunizations, while those involved in the production process are routinely tested.

Flying at Sunset at the Lincoln Center Theater, recently changed from auditors and co-workers four times a week to daily, and features a “Covid team” including a paid epidemiologist, says Harry Hadden-Paton, a music consultant.

Broadway security measures were a welcome change for Jaime Benavides and Ricardo Bruno, who traveled to New York from San Antonio, Texas. “They have been very comfortable here,” Benavides said of his home.

However the idea of ​​shutdown is approaching. “I feel like there’s a big cloud coming up,” Hadden-Paton said.

“Things can change in an instant,” said Estella Marie, who works in the clothing department Come Away. The song announced Wednesday that it will stop singing until Christmas Day due to the spread of Covid-19 among workers.

Broadway closure threatens the city’s economy. Before the plague, it shows support 97,000 local jobs and bring in more than $ 1bn in annual ticket sales on top of about $ 15bn in exhibit-related equipment, according to the Broadway League.

Leisa Creo and Jonathan Arak, friends from Manhattan, said they have worked hard to see more Broadway shows this year to support the project. They took in action on the night of The Lehman Trilogy at the Nederlander Theater this week.

“Broadway, it’s the heart of the city and it’s suffering. You know, that’s the big problem,” Creo said. “Is there anything better in New York than Broadway?”

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