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These Tools Can Help You Find Your Lost Weapons


You may be seated notice Apple AirTags the latest themes — as Apple’s new stuff tends to be — but these little discs are the latest in a long line of where to store tabs for your phones, tablets, and laptops.

The lighting produced in our equipment comes with sound privacy issues, and the more advanced they are, the more difficult they may become (see this piece how Apple AirTags can be a gift to fighters and persecutors) but it also means that our precious weapons can claim to be where they live day and night — which makes it very difficult to lose something.

With AirTags — and Galaxy SmartTags, Tile trackers, and all the other similar ones — this type of lighting system can access almost any type of material, from bags to key chains. Although something does not say where it is, it can be connected to the device it is on.

If you are determined to know where your valuables are, you have more choices than ever before.


The Find My app from Apple features iPhones, iPads, Macs, AirPods and AirTags.

David Nield via Apple

Let’s start with Apple, because it just launched AirTags. These little trackers work in Find my app that you can find presets on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It is also available through iCloud portal, so you can use any computer and browser.

Many Apple devices can track their location through Find My – not only phones and laptops but also AirPods and Apple Penyani. Apple’s pencil may not be available through the app, but as Apple’s tools progress, they are less limited. To ensure that your weapons are tracked, click your name there Find mine in Settings on iPhone or iPad, or select Security & Privacy then Privacy in Preferences on Mac.

You will see your tools on the map when you launch Find My, and you can see more including how to remove batteries, where appropriate. Choose a tool to remove from a distance, lock it to protect unauthorized people, or make a noise (very useful if it may have fallen on the back of the sofa).

AirTags works a little differently. They can’t say where they are, but they communicate using short connections to your other devices (via Bluetooth and more accurately Wide-Long). As long as they are nearby (Apple has not provided specific limits), they can have the Find My app on your devices.


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