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These Learning Materials Make Up an Online School

“Coursera is a platform for online teaching, not online learning,” says Paul Blikstein, a university professor who specializes in new academic studies. “I’m amazed that there are so many things that aren’t available, even after all these years.”

Software such as Education responds to these needs and integrates learning and teaching materials into Zoom. The program is for K-12 students, although it can also be used for higher education and corporate education. Earlier this year, the company has announced $ 30 million in Series A. funding to establish its implementation on several platforms and roll out the program to 7,500 courses that have shown interest in purchasing.

Class Michael Chasen (formerly CEO of Blackboard, another educational management company) consulted experts on all subjects and on all topics to develop the program. “Their essentials look gorgeous all over,” he says, driving me online. A number of tools allow the Class to adopt the teaching methods you can find in the classroom.

Perhaps the first, and most visible, is the Podium View. Instead of being buried, the classroom instructor is now set up on a platform on the side of the classroom. For young students like my daughter, who feel unable to speak in front of a large group of people, the instructor has equal control over sight – he can stop all students, light up the secret that other students can’t see anyone making funny faces, and include outsiders in classes . All of this makes it easier for parents to “leave” their young children online.

For older students, in addition to the only teaching materials such as meeting attendance, student writing on the screen, and various types of data analysis, the instructor can also push students aside to connect with one another, preparing students in the restroom for small group discussions. , as well as questions that just clicked on this lesson.

You can see a similar look in Do not wash, another online learning platform that earned nearly $ 15 million last year. The founding platform by CEO Dan Avida is designed for university lecturers, not for the K-12, but has a lot to do with unparalleled flexibility.

Engageli also claims to reduce the number of painful training areas. For example, course instructors are able to assess students from a number of perspectives, which makes it easier to create a larger classroom. Students will be able to download their articles and views directly from Engageli as well as related Google newsletters. And instead of using an eye tracking program or other material that could affect students’ privacy, the test meter allows students to express their interest anonymously.

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