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Theranos: judges Elizabeth Holmes to resume negotiations in 2022 | Business and Economic Affairs

The court dealing with fraudulent cases against the former CEO of Theranos is breaking up until the New Year’s holiday ends.

Prosecuting judges former Theranos head of state Elizabeth Holmes left court Wednesday without a verdict after six days of negotiations. It will not start again until the end of the New Year’s holiday weekend.

Eight men and four women in the courtroom are expected to continue their deliberations Thursday morning, but the court that remanded them after their departure has ruled that they will rest until Monday. There was no need to comment on the decision to suspend the negotiations. The judges were already scheduled to leave on Friday, a federal court holiday.

Recent discussions took place in the wake of a dispute that arose Wednesday over Holmes’ lawyers, with the judge presiding over the case.

U.S. District Judge Edward Davila sentenced “in the camera” Tuesday morning with two Holmes lawyers, Kevin Downey and Lance Wade, along with two of the defendants, Jeffrey Schenk and Robert Leach, according to a court hearing Tuesday night. . Holmes did not appear in the 23-minute trial.

The audio recordings were printed, leaving the topics discussed as a secret. But it is not uncommon for grievances to be heard while the court is discussing cases, especially if it takes a long time for a verdict to be handed down. The amazing idea of ​​leaving Thursday can also be very important.

Holmes, 37, is accused of 11 counts of defrauding funders and patients by claiming that his company’s blood test technology was the only medical way forward when it was really wrong. If found guilty, Holmes will spend 20 years in prison.

The judges have been meeting in federal court in San Jose, California, after giving a thorough witness in a three-month trial involving the Silicon Valley.

Last week, the judges sent two letters to Judge Davila – one urgently refused a request to take their advice home for further study and another that allowed them to review the 2013 film of Holmes discussing what Theranos had done with potential prospects.

The jurors did not provide any evidence of any progress in the negotiations this week.

The case has attracted worldwide attention. At its core is the rise and fall of Holmes, who founded Theranos at the age of 19 to drop out of school and later went beyond the Silicon Valley male culture with his bold speeches and financial ability. He became a billionaire on paper before everything changed when he said he was more fraudulent than a businessman.

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