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The world’s largest meat retailer JBS hit by cyber cyber

JBS, the world’s largest meat retailer, was persecuted for its actions in North America and Australia, which disrupted its international operations and forced it to stop working for thousands of people.

The Brazilian company has up to 7,000 employees in Australia, where its slaughterhouses rely on ordinary people. JBS did not say when it would resume cattle, pigs and sheep at 47 locations across the country, according to people familiar with the matter.

In the US, a company plant in Cactus, Texas, closed Tuesday, the site announced on Facebook. The transformation of a cattle breeding company in Greeley, Colorado – which also has its headquarters in North America – was halted due to cyber threats, according to a spokesman for the agency.

JBS Canada has also announced that it has canceled changes to its location in Brooks, Alberta. The plant affects about 4,200 cows a day.

This issue has affected the meat industry at a time when cattle prices are at an all-time high in many markets.

“Since JBS controls about 20% of animal feed in the U.S., such protection could have a significant impact on our diet,” said the US National Farmers Union. on Twitter.

JBS said Tuesday it took action when it realized it was aimed at cyber attacks, including stopping the affected systems and alerting officials. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a group of Australian and North American IT companies, the group said.

The article, which first appeared on Sunday, is the latest in a series of a string of cyber threats at global companies – including last month’s gun release on the Colonial Pipeline, which uses a 5,500km fuel mileage in the US.

“The company does not know of any evidence at this time that any customer, service or employee has been harassed or misused as a result of this. Eliminating the process will take time, which could delay further transactions with customers and retailers, “JBS said in an email.

The meat industry relies on software and IT to track and sort animals, as well as to maintain records to meet certain requirements.

Matt Journeaux, an employee of the Australian Meat Industry Employees Union, said JBS workers arrived at work on Monday morning and were told they had been suspended for the attack.

“This will affect food production. It just depends on the length of the closure. JBS sends about 60% of the revenue to make it easier for other foreign customers,” he said.

Australia’s Minister of Agriculture, David Littleproud, says JBS owns one-fifth of the country’s average animal consumption, but extinguishing should not be a major factor in exports as long as it does not take long. It was too early to consider who had done this or why, he added.

“We are working with international organizations to try to identify and control cyber threats, which are a global threat to their operations,” Littleproud said.

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