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The well-known Clearview AI facial tool is burning in Europe

Secret societies in Europe have complained Remove AI for violating privacy laws by posting billions of pictures on a TV page like Facebook, Bloomberg they say. Security agencies such as World Secrets have taken action against the company in Austria, France, Greece, Italy and the UK, telling management that the practice is “dangerous and dangerous.”

“Disclosing our personal information or sharing it with the police and other companies does more than we expect as internet users,” said Ioannis Kouvak of International Privacy Policy. Bloomberg.

Clearview has been controversial ever since first revelation. The company has a large stockpile of digital cameras and uses AI to compare this with images from security cameras or elsewhere. When caught on any camera in public, law enforcement officials can use the image to capture your personal information, killing any privacy.

Thousands of law enforcement agencies have used the weapon, although the technology is in the legal arena. Officials in the UK and Australia have opened a joint investigation into the company last year, and the US Senate recently introduced a bill banning government agencies from purchasing information from Clearview. On top of that, Twitter, Google and YouTube all have sent clear-stop-quit letters to Clearview AI, alleging that Clearview violates their rules.

The EU has previously stated “complaints” using facial expressions such as those used by Clearview AI. Last year, the company said its “photographic expertise was not found” in Europe, according to Bloomberg. However, Secrets of the World have also said that “your face can be stored forever in the Clearview AI facial repository, accessible to a wide range of strangers, and connected to all sorts of online personalities for you.”

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