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The Virgin Galactic is back on the edge of the scene

Why this problem is so serious: Virgin Galactic has not gone into space since February 2019, when it flew three people on a single trip. This was a well-known opportunity (the second time the company came out and the first time it carried passengers), but it also led to an integrated stability that led to technical review and redesign. Saturday flight was the first time for the test to be fully tested in the air. The company tried to return to air last December, but the mission was canceled during the flight due to a power outage.

This was also the first flight from New Mexico (now the third-largest state-owned airline in the United States) – Virgin Galactic seeks to operate all of its commercial aircraft from Spaceport America, with a target of 400 flights per year.

Big year ahead: In many ways, 2021 is the year of the making-or-retirement of the Virgin Galactic. Founded in 2004 by Richard Branson with the hope of making it attractions for real. But the company has been facing a number of developmental issues and shortcomings (October October SpaceShipTwo crash in October 2014 that caused the pilot’s death is not new to the public mind). For the company to reach out 400 flights per year, should ensure that it can fly quickly, steadily, and safely.

To that end, Virgin Galactic seeks to raise the air three times this year — once with two and four airline operators, once with Branson as a carrier, and once as an Italian Air Force service aircraft. The final project will be the first time Virgin Galactic will take customers to the airwaves, and is expected to cost around $ 2 million. The company may also try to pilot the aircraft thanks to its new SpaceShipThree which was unveiled during the summer. All of which are set to launch the company next year.

Meanwhile, Virgin Galactic’s main competition in the tourist market, Blue Origin, is set to launch an aerospace project for the first time on July 20, when a group of six people will board a New Shepard car to a small area.

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