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The US joins the international cybersecurity agreement

The Biden government wants to strengthen the United States’ commitment to cybersecurity, and this includes building greater cooperation. Monga Axios reports, Vice President Kamala Harris has revealed The White House will support the Paris call for Faith and Security at Cyberspace. The voluntary agreement will enable the US to work with hundreds of other countries and companies (including Google and Microsoft) to establish a secure internet environment and to strive for effective cyber security through the same goals and policies.

This came on top of the existing agreement, including efforts to responding to countries in maintaining cybercrime, long-term reform of NATO cybersecurity policy and anti-ransomware alliance was made in October. The State Department is also establishing a Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy that will address cybersecurity and other technical issues.

This move is in stark contrast to Trump’s approach. The US has refused to sign the Paris Call in 2018, joining countries like China, Iran and Russia. As the previous White House did add other cyber security measures, critics have criticized the soft approach in some areas. Trump sometimes wrong said Russia has stopped cyber attacks against the US.

The election will not change security. Wawaya he realized The Paris call did not bind anyone to respect the terms of the treaty. This, however, represents a goal – the US wants to show that it will support global cybersecurity measures, even if they work well.

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