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The US is planning to share AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine with other countries


US will send up to 60m Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine abroad, the White House has announced, as Biden’s management is pressured to help countries recovering from the virus.

U.S. officials say the 10m aircraft made by the US will be ready to be shipped “within a few weeks” from the Food and Drug Administration after a thorough investigation, with a further 50m in May and June.

AZ has not registered the permit in the US, although it has already set several standards to prepare for shipping when it receives green light from a US pharmaceutical company.

The White House did not say which countries would prioritize vaccinations, but the need for greater support from India, which is suffering from the second terrible tragedy disease. The White House has personally sent additional medical equipment and vaccines to South Asia following a request from New Delhi.

“Authorities are looking at ways to distribute the American-made vaccine to AstraZeneca,” Jen Psaki, a press secretary at the White House, said on Monday. “We don’t need to use AstraZeneca against Covid.”

Vaccines from BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are approved for use in the US.

The manufacturer stated: “The dose is AstraZenecaYour commitment to the US government. Decisions to send money to US to other countries are made by the US government. ”

U.S. officials will also send equipment such as filters to the Serum Institute in India to develop more AZ vaccines. “We are moving our system to the Serum Institute for development, because of the current situation [in] India is. . . how to do it ourselves here at home, ”said one elder.

The US had it he said earlier will ship several million AstraZeneca Doses to Canada and Mexico.

Monday came after President Joe Biden spoke to Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, to provide US aid in the country’s fight against crime, hospitalization and death.

New Delhi reported 349,000 new infectious diseases on Saturday, as well as more than 2,700 people, though experts believe the actual numbers are much that has not been explained.

Officials in Biden said over the weekend they were shipping medicines, test kits, respirators and self-defense equipment to India, as well as monitoring other “emergency” air supply options.

Companies from around the world have promised to donate their money, and the US Chamber of Commerce has set up a worksheet for companies to donate or donate equipment.

The US has gone downhill extreme stress the release of vaccine equipment to manufacturers around the world, including in India. Serum Institute chief executive Adar Poonawalla urged Biden on Twitter to “lift restrictions on exports” from the US to allow for vaccine production.

Mahima Datla, head of the pharmaceutical company Biological E, has also accused Washington of obstructing global production by forcing American retailers to prioritize US government agreements.

Biden and his successor, Donald Trump, called for him Korean security law law during the epidemic to get the necessary protection against the disease. But after Washington demanded that every US citizen be given a fair amount of money, American exporters were struggling to make deals outside the country.

On Monday, the White House pushed back that it had introduced foreign controls, or restrictions on exports, instead of vaccines or weapons and implements for jab production.

“Vaccination requires a lot of special equipment, and there is not enough to go around,” said one supervisor.

Recent cases of coronavirus

Follow FT’s description and report on the global epidemic and the rapidly changing economic crisis Pano.

He further added that the use of DPA to require U.S. manufacturers and suppliers to prioritize U.S. government contracts “does not imply that there is a ban on exports or restrictions or restrictions or restrictions on the export of third parties to customers or customers, anywhere”.

“There is so much more global production going on anywhere in the world than there are people who can help right now,” he said.

Biden told Modi on Monday that the US would show “its support to the people of India affected by the recent increase in Covid-19 cases”.

European countries are also present he promised to help. The UK said it would send hundreds of oxygen and ventilator requests from India. The EU said it was “coordinating” oxygen and medical supplies after developing its own protections against India’s appeal.


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