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The US is lowering the estimated Omicron volume by more than half of Covid cases

U.S. health officials have significantly reduced their estimates that the Covid-19 prevalence is due to variations in the Omicron coronavirus, confirming uncertainty about the country’s response to the epidemic.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday said it now believes that most infectious diseases are responsible for half of Covid cases in the country, instead of three-quarters, as reported last week.

The change in the CDC’s comparison came after the agency received more information in recent weeks, officials said. But he also emphasizes about difficult Health officials are scrambling to find a more accurate picture of the epidemic in the US, as more health care is done in states and territories.

One spokesman said: “There was a predictive time set for last week’s chart, in part because of the speed with which Omicron was going up. We had a lot to come from that time and there was a decrease in Omicron.

“It’s important to note that we are still seeing a lot of Omicron.”

The CDC surprised many health workers in the US last week when it said Omicron now had 73% of cases, up from 13 percent last week. However, the new figures show a steady increase over the past three weeks, from 7 percent, up 23 percent, and now 59 percent.

All numbers in the US continue to rise, while other parts of the country are plagued by disease. Hospitalization and mortality have risen steadily, however, reflecting what is happening in places like South Africa and the UK.

Recent cases have caused a great deal of controversy, with many people having to isolate themselves for a long time whether they are sick or not. About 1,000 U.S. flights were canceled Tuesday morning, according to, adding thousands were canceled over the weekend over Christmas.

The CDC tried to fix this on Monday, to cut the recommended period of isolation for people living with the virus is from 10 to 5 days, as long as the symptoms have passed or gone.

But the move has criticized some of the health scientists who support Biden’s leadership.

Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in California, states: “It seems to be a bit confusing. You have an announcement yesterday on a privacy policy with no data, no evidence, no. And this is from an organization that says it wants to pursue science.

“So today we have a big change in their genomic comparison. The past 24 hours have shown that the loyalty of the organization is lower than at any other time in its history. ”

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