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The US is lifting sanctions on Iran

The U.S. has lifted a number of sanctions against Iran’s energy sector over what a senior official said was a testament to “Washington’s best policy”.

Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, said on Thursday that Washington was lifting sanctions on three Iranian government officials and two former oil companies in Iran for “a radical change in the status quo or practice of legitimate parties”.

“This demonstrates our commitment to lifting sanctions such as a change in the status quo or the behavior of law enforcement,” he said. words.

Oil prices fell for more than 2 percent of the announcement, but it quickly recovered, and the restless Brent set up 0.4% to $ 72.52 a barrel that day.

The ruling marks the first time Biden’s management has lifted the ban Iran. In 2018 Donald Trump removed the US from the 2015 multi-party agreement that set the bar on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for elections.

Trump officials also urged Iran to grow and include more than 1,000 sanctions in the country.

Biden management wants a fresh start nuclear deal and has initiated several secret talks with Iran in Vienna, although to no avail. Tehran has been urging Washington to lift it before agreeing to ban its nuclear weapons program. Since Trump’s departure from the treaty, Iran has violated its nuclear weapons embargo causing anxiety at the UN nuclear power plant.

Removed from the US Treasury’s list of nationally recognized citizens on Thursday included former officials at Iranian oil The company is a group that supports the legal component of petrochemicals. The U.S. Treasurer’s Office of Foreign Assets Control puts individuals and organizations on the list for national security, foreign policy and objectives.

A senior official told the Financial Times that the decision to withdraw from other organizations in the US came after Iranian agencies called for a re-examination of those killed professionally.

While the official said his removal was not in line with ongoing trials and negotiations in Vienna, it shows that the US “can act with integrity”.

“If [the Iranians] see if the evidence that the accredited organization can be re-approved then they will be right – accreditation is not a life sentence, it is a decision made by the parties, “he said.

“It simply came to our notice then. . . he will abolish punishments when necessary. ”

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