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The UK and the EU have staged demonstrations regarding fishing opportunities in 2022

The UK and the EU have reached an agreement on the sharing of fish in 2022, while another dispute with France over the acquisition of boats in British waters continues.

The two groups on Wednesday decided to kill about 100 fish that were shared in EU and UK waters, such as the North Sea and the Irish Sea.

But conservationists have said they have broken their promise to end fishing. Jenni Grossmann, of Client Earth, he said: “As in the pre-Brexit era, they will continue to prioritize short-term trade rather than long-term stabilization of fish and fishermen – furthering the deplorable state of the stock market.”

An environmental law enforcement agency said only 40 percent of the shares had fished.

Vera Coelho, head of European advocacy for Oceana, said: “Other fish, such as western Scotland herring, Irish Sea whiting or Celtic Sea cod, will continue to be heavily fed in 2022.”

The agreement deals with the number of fish that can be caught. The distribution of fishing shares was agreed upon earlier when the UK left the bloc in January. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) signed in 2020 confirms that the UK share is growing by 25 percent between 2021-26.

UK vessels in 2022 will be allowed to catch 140,000 tonnes of fish, which are expected to be worth around £ 313m, depending on previous arrival costs, the government said. They are a down from 160,000 tons this year and £ 333m.

There was an increase in other fish stocks, such as prawns in the North Sea, but other declines, such as southwest England.

British fishermen remain “disappointed”, said Barrie Deas, chief executive of the agency National Federation of Fisherman’s Organizations. “The TCA did not take us to where we were supposed to be,” he said.

The additional shares won from the EU after Brexit sometimes fish that UK companies did not want. Even where scientists approved a significant increase in fish stocks, such as whiting and haddocks, the segmentation was limited due to fears that the extinct fish could be considered trapped by the same waters.

But Deas was glad that the agreement had been made before Christmas. Negotiations on the 2021 catches will continue until June, forcing fishermen to change their catch in the second half of the year.

He said some fishermen would still be severely beaten. “The UK government is setting statistics. You need to focus on fishing and fishing. Some have increased, some have decreased.”

George Eustice, UK environment secretary, praised the agreement.

“The sustainable partnership formed today provides a solid foundation on which we seek to provide appropriate fisheries management, as outlined in our most important Fisheries Act.”

Eustice said the government will continue to negotiate with the EU on stability and other issues.

In the meantime, France and the UK Stay locked in a dispute over access to coastal waters in the UK, Jersey and Guernsey. French officials say many former fishing boats there have lost their right to do so despite having asked permission to continue.

France has threatened to ask Brussels for action but has not done so, according to EU officials.

The European Commission has said it is still confirming the truth. “We will see with the French authorities the legal status of the inquiries which have not been granted.”

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