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The UiPath workgroup program jumps to the start of the NYSE


Shares at the corporate UiPath peaked at Wall Street on Wednesday after one of its first public offerings.

The program of A company based in Romania, New York, a fast-growing business automation business leader, closed his first day of trading at $ 69, up from 23%, giving the company a market capitalization of $ 35.8bn.

The IPO brought $ 530m to the new capital, but UiPath settled at a lower cost compared to its last two months. It sold shares of $ 56 each, higher than $ 52- $ 54 of companies but less than $ 62.28 set up in February.

The company said at the time the money paid in February was worth $ 35bn, a number that may have included options and other forms of compensation.

“The company has the money, the money and the right way to go to market success,” said Richard Wong, a board member of UiPath and a partner at Accel. “Temporary accounting will be fixed in most places to come.”

UiPath had purchased its IPO among the tokens the sellers had suppressing their zeal of a fast-growing program as part of support.

BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index fell 16% from its peak in mid-October. The list includes Snow, a group of analytics whose IPO was the largest of its kind. The snow section was doubled at first but is not very high now.

Recent public donations have been well received, as opposed to blockbuster donations at the end of last year whose theme is Airbnb and ByDash in December. Compass, a real estate company at SoftBank, cutting size of its offerings last month.

UiPath sells smart apps that companies use change daily activities such as reading documents and modifying database of knowledge. This section, called robotic process automation, is packed with companies in a wide range of disciplines ranging from medical to insurance to redesigning or retraining workers for a white harvest.

Established in Bucharest in 2005, UiPath spent 10 years developing their expertise before raising startup costs. The money released in February made it the second most important group in the business world, behind Stripe.

“We have shown our European counterparts that they do not need to sell their companies while they are away,” said Daniel Dines, UiPath’s chief executive. “If they believe in making a big business, it’s a good place to start.”

UiPath said it had raised $ 608m for the year ended January 31, an increase of 81% last year. His total income has dropped from $ 520m to $ 92m.

As part of contribution, public investors also bought more than $ 810m in shares from existing ones including Accel and Coatue Management. Accel held the largest price in the UiPath before the IPO, with shares of approximately $ 6bn in the delivery price.

Dines will keep more than 88 percent of companies voting after selling the market publicly through a split between the two groups. His share in the business was $ 6.2bn in price for IPO. *

Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan were the leaders in the conference.

* The old version of this story misled the value of the Dines tree. The title was redesigned to indicate that UiPath was listed on the New York Stock Exchange

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