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The U.S. Department of Energy seeks to significantly reduce the cost of professional carbon painting


The U.S. Department of Energy seeks to accelerate the development of carbon-based technology. Friday, organization a program called . One of its foundations for Energy Earthshots, the aim here is to promote the development of an energy-absorbing technology that can kill CO2 at a cost of less than $ 100 per tonne, and can be exported at a gigaton rate. To put that in perspective, that gas is about the equivalent of about 250 million vehicles a year.

“By reducing costs and speeding up the depletion of carbon dioxide emissions – an important energy purification technology – we can absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and address climate change,” said Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm. “With our Carbon Negative Shot, we can help eliminate greenhouse gases that are warming the earth and affecting our health – putting America as a zero leader and creating better pay jobs for energy workers.”

If not already known, the Electricity Department has set a major target. In September, , the largest carbon footprint, opened in Iceland. The plant will hold 4,000 tons of CO2 per year at a cost of $ 600 per ton in bulk purchases. Chimeworks, the company that operates Orca, wants to reduce the price to $ 300 or less per tonne by 2030. It is far from the goal of the Power Department of less than $ 100 per tonne, but sustainable and substantial support is from to the government. exactly what would make this happen.

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