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The Shipwreck of Asteroid has just restored its original images

DART image.

I am it has been a month since the work of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) was established on the way to Didymos’ binary asteroid system is Dimorphos. DART image arrested his first photos three weeks ago, an important task as the spacecraft approached a Fighting Dimorphos.

DART’s predicament is to test NASA’s long question: whether humans can deviate. in the air to stop hitting the Earth. Neither Didymos or minor Dimorphos threatens people, but they pass close to the Earth, making them an ideal place to experiment. It is important to see if we can change the path of the asteroid in front of us missing changing the path of the asteroid.

The first picture of DART.

Notably, it was the asteroid impact on Earth destroyed the dinosaurs on extinction. NASA he pursues many things in the atmosphere that comes close to Earth; they are invited Near Earth Objects (NEOs). Nothing currently on collision method, and when you see it warning of topics for smartphones like these, do not worry: “near ” in celestial terms often never closed. DART image they will collided with Dimorphos approximately 6.8 million miles from Earth in September 2022, if all goes according to plan.

Picture above was taken when DART was about 2 millions from the Earth, using the DRACO telescopic camera. It’s a lot looking like silence it’s pitch dark, but it holds about a dozen stars, according to Johns Hopkins University Press release. The photographed location is close to where the constellations Aries and Taurus pass.

Stars in Messier 38, captured by the DRACO camera on DART on December 20, 2021.

DRACO is the tool only in the DART charge, though DART also has a small satellite that releases 10 days before the Didymos system. The camera took another third photo days after the first Messiah 38, a star-studded galaxy 4,200 years from Earth.

As DART continues its journey towards it where he is going last, DRACO takes pictures way to go help the DART team better understand everything light deficiency and calibrate light. That’s all useful later and last shooting, which will be filmed in nine months.

Whether the DART results are changing or not Dimorphos is orbital Instead, the collision would show the ability of the ship to move independently and hit with an asteroid target. Hopefully, we will not need a specific job like this soon.

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