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The second chargers of the GaN generation are smaller and more efficient

Three years after his first release , Anker reveals its second species. The GaN Nano II unit is more efficient, smaller and more efficient at controlling heat than the original equipment, according to Anker. The company is said to have done so by upgrading the chips and interior design.

built 30W, 45W and 65W chargers with the same design. Everyone has a USB-C port and Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 technology, which intelligently delivers fresh air to any closed device, the company said.

In the first-generation charger, only the other devices are made of GaN and not silicon. The models they have raised have increased the workload by more than 20%, according to Anker. This makes the chargers more efficient, as they emit less heat by converting the AC to DC. It is smaller than previous weapons.

The 30W range is 59% more than the original 30W camera. Anker says he pays three times faster than a 5W camera. Supports Samsung Super Fast Charging, full MacBook Air and other accessories, including recent iPads (2018 and later) and .


The 45W option has a built-in plug and is 34 percent less than the original Anker 45W camera. It adds support to many books, inclusive , 13-inch MacBook Pro 13 ”, other versions of Dell XPS 13, ThinkPad X390, Google Pixelbook and Microsoft Surface Book 2.

As far as the 65W model is concerned, it offers a 13-inch MacBook Pro high-speed drive and fast charging other laptops. The layered plug makes it 58 times smaller than Anker’s original 61W processor.

GaN Nano II chargers are now available for pre-order via Amazon and Anker. The 30W type is $ 30, optional price of 45W $ 36 and the 65W type takes you back $ 40. Anker has started selling chargers in the UK and other European markets afterwards.

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