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The Sci-Fi Population Population was Far Away


In his new book Billions of Americans, political journalist Matthew Yglesias gives a definite picture of the future of how America has strengthened itself by adding three people. He also said that the smallest America could compete with the rest of the world and tackle economic and environmental problems.

“I think Americans should trust themselves,” Yglesias states in Section 465 of Geek design in Galaxy Podcast. “We need to believe in our country and aspire to greatness – a more inclusive vision, a better sense of self, and a sense of patriotism determined to remain a world leader.”

This vision is very different from books and sci-fi movies such as Green Green and Iron Caves, which portrays population growth as a means to an end. Yglesias claims that the dangerous future presented in these articles is not yet fully established.

“The whole head of Robot books and that there are some of the lowest standards in the world, namely [Asimov] explains, if I remember correctly, if I have 8 billion people, ”he says. “And they all for some reason live in underground cities and eat algae almost all the people we have today.”

Dystopian scenarios can make interesting stories, but often their predictions are so bad that they make people feel hopeless instead of overwhelmed. “I think there’s a feeling that if something goes wrong, if it’s a real problem, the best thing to do is to address the problem safely, because this will help people to take action,” Yglesias says. “I don’t think this is correct as an idea of ​​what people want. People take steps to prevent minor ailments on a regular basis. ”

Instead, he wants us to take action Star Trek, is a future work in which human problems are gradually delayed, with the help of professional help. “If the technology continues to improve, it remains good, despite some challenges, then the problem we see in our world,” he says. “There are a lot of people, people are living well, their lives are very high. Problems are impossible. ”

Listen to the full interview with Matthew Yglesias in Section 465 of Geek design in Galaxy (above). And see some of the highlights from the discussion below.

Matthew Yglesias continued Spock and More:

“They’re the creators of what is memorable, the original of the show, because in a fun way it’s the kind of audience that can play their part. that you may be clearer than most people you know, but you may not be interested and well connected. [characters] who make important contributions to the workforce, and are loved and respected by others. Sometimes they laugh at Spock, but they don’t laugh at him. They do not suffer in the same way that a person who commits such acts would commit adultery. ”

Matthew Yglesias on Superman:

“I think a lot about it DC did a while ago that Author Luthor becomes President of the United States. … The main issue Superman is fighting is that there is this bad guy in the White House, and he is doing bad things, but you can’t just fly to the White House, drill into the Oval Office, and apply the heat of the Presidency to the United States. It can predict the legitimacy of the hero of the party, the stability of the American government, all these things. And then he is facing these problems that his powers do not solve. He can do many things that a normal person cannot do, but they always ask him the question, ‘What should I do? What is my role as a successful person? ‘”

Matthew Yglesias on Spider-Man:

“I can’t think of any time in my life that I could have helped someone with if I had the power of spiders, but because of the lack of spiders I couldn’t be helpful. And if I want to think about the things that are coming up, it’s really small things. Like, I can help friends move easily. A friend asks four of my friends to come over and help her, and I get to say, ‘Forget it, I can do it on my own. I have more power, I have these networks. That’s fine. ‘… I mean, I live in a city with a lot of crime – Washington DC – but I’ve never seen it. It never occurred to me that someone was killing someone in front of me, and if I had an online shooter I would have stopped him but since I didn’t have an online shooter I couldn’t do anything. ”

Matthew Yglesias in printing:

“It would be impossible for the printing press and the media to portray New York City as a political party. … Politics has become more widespread in terms of population and education, so if you can find a group of college graduates living in a big city, there is nothing wrong with college graduates living in a big city, but their political ideology to be to the left of the capital – which it’s fine, but as a business idea, you can’t run a printery that way. It doesn’t make sense in marketing, nor does it make sense. There are a lot of caring people in America. They will write and buy books. There is no need to try to stop them. ”

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