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The Samsung Galaxy S21 series has been updated to One UI 4 with the latest Android 12 features

Following a beta onset in September, Samsung released its One UI 4 app featuring updates from Android 12 as the Secret Dashboard. As usual, the owners of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S21 lineup, including the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra, will be the first in line to receive it.

The biggest change with the new skin is the way it looks. One UI 4 now allows you to customize preferences with new color types and widgets, as well as several color emoji, GIFs and stickers. This sounds like Android 12’s Material You, except that it wasn’t designed for itself or AI.


Another difference from the past is around security. Following the direction of Android 12, Samsung is introducing a Secret Dashboard that brings all the preferences and controls in one place. For example, it will show when a program is trying to find your camera, microphone or other sensor, and why the data was needed.

Other features include access to Samsung’s environment and third-party software. This will ensure “seamless knowledge” when using non-Samsung apps like Google Duo, the company said. It also promises uniform uniformity on all devices such as Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Tab.

From to release for a single UI, Samsung has been trying to replicate the latest Android models on its high-end phones as quickly as possible. It is fair to say that it happened here, when Google released Android 12 less than a month ago on its Pixel 3. UI 4 one is available from today on the Galaxy S21 device, “and will soon be available on the previous Galaxy S and Note series as well as the Galaxy A series, foldable and tablet,” the company said.

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