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The Roomba 694 robot vacuum has dropped to $ 180


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The iRobot Roombas are considered to be the most sought after vacuums, but they are some of the most expensive out there. We raised $ 275 Roomba 694 in ours budget robot vacuum budget because it did a good job of cleaning the floor hard and with a carpet and it has easy access to a mobile app that even beginners can learn quickly. Now, you can get a robo-vac at the best price we’ve ever seen – Black Friday’s first sale on Amazon has been a hit. Section 694 up to $ 180, or $ 94 less than usual.

Buy Roomba 694 on Amazon – $ 180

The model was only released earlier this year and replaces the old Roomba 675. The two buttons are the same, although they are best painted on Roomba 694. It is a clear, black robot with three buttons on top of it. center, which gives you the opportunity to manually adjust anytime that is easier than using a mobile app. It uses a three-part cleaning system for iRobot to soak dirt on hard rooms and carpets, and move around chairs and other obstacles. It also does a good job of identifying problem areas – such as pockets of dust or small piles of soil – and simply observes until they are gone. It also has a white section that you can start by clicking one of the buttons on the toolbar.

Roomba 694 connects to WiFi and works with the iRobot mobile app, which allows you to turn on the robot, set up schedules and much more. The iRobot app is clean and easy to use, so if you are thinking of giving a gift to the very least professional, they should have no problem knowing how to use their new robo-vac. Roomba 694 also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can launch it without even browsing the app – just ask your favorite voice assistant to start cleaning. The stain should go on for about 90 minutes after washing hard on the floor before going back to the bottom to add texture. Roomba 694 was already a good choice for those on a budget who needed an iRobot device to clean their homes, but now I’m stealing at the original Black Friday price.

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