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The ‘Restoration’ patch fixes what has been damaged since yesterday’s update

Housemarque was not laughing when he said it would have a patch of Revengesave the wrong file within “a few hours.” The studio has it was released Patch 1.3.4 on its PS5 head to get back to the secure code of 1.3.1 while redesigning the keyboard is a known Trophies problem. The appropriate 1.3.5 patch is coming soon, Housemarque said. However, if the game you already saved survived the error of 1.3.3 is another story.

If your cache keeps file size after 1.3.3, you can restart it even if it is damaged. If they are reduced to 0KB, you should use PlayStation Plus to store clouds when you have them. And if you don’t … well, in line with the gaming machine, you have to start over.

Modification of 1.3.3 which slightly damages the launch of the existing game maybe a promise. So far, the biggest disappointment is Revenge it was a bit of a struggle – and if all went well, then you might as well be on your way.

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