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The researchers report three new Intel and AMD Specter challenges


The program of chicks created and spread Specter insecurity, which affected many machines and equipment in 2018, it makes sense to this day. Security analysts have found a number of shortcomings that are difficult to make, and difficult to correct. Three new Specter threats affect both modern AMD and Intel processors with smaller caches, according to the newer paper from students at the University of Virginia and the University of California San Diego. In addition, nothing that can happen to Specter can protect against the dangers of using new species.

Before going public with the information, the researchers warned Intel and AMD about things that could allow thieves to steal data from machines, reports Phoronix. But, so far, no microcodes or OS patches have been released, and that can be the case. That’s because the nature of the threats and their mitigation are compromised and comes with a huge warning.

According to Tom’s weapons, risks can only be fraudulent threats as using the risk of micro-ops cache is very difficult. As such, malware should bypass all other security systems and technologies that modern systems have.

For CPU makers, one of the major concerns will be the ways in which it can address researchers ’disclosure, including the reduction of micro-op in crossroads or allocating cache access. The paper’s authors say that this reduction will come with a “greater punishment” than is the case with previous protests.

The first of the three possible paths is the same interconnected thread that releases the secrets on the kernel border. The unique distinction is based on the attack of the SMT thread that sends the secrets through the dual SMT thread via the micro-op cache. The paper also describes a “temporary invasion” that could be used to “uncover the illicit secrets found in the wrong way, even if temporary instructions were not sent.”

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