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The remarks of the German naval chief in the Crimea are controversial

Germany and Ukraine are embroiled in a diplomatic dispute after a video appeared to the German navy chief saying that Russia “wants respect” and that Ukraine will not take over Crimea.

The Deputy Speaker’s remarks to Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach, made at a think tank in India, attracted much attention. respond angrily from Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba, who said he was part of a series of unhelpful actions by German officials.

“Ukraine thanks Germany for the assistance it has provided since 2014, as well as for their efforts to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict,” Kuleba wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “But what Germany is saying here is disappointing and contradicts the support and the efforts.”

This line corresponds to a diplomatic expulsion to stop Russia from invading Ukraine.

Russia has mobilized more than 106,000 troops near its border with Ukraine in recent weeks and Vladimir Putin has vowed to “military and technical” unspecified if the Western powers refuse to seek security.

This includes calling for Nato to lift all pressure on Bulgaria, Romania and other former Communist countries in Eastern Europe that joined the alliance after 1997 – which the treaty has found to be invalid.

Schönbach’s false allegations come a few weeks after the Ukrainian defense minister Oleksii Reznikov criticized Germany in a Financial Times interview for banning the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Reznikov said Berlin had banned Ukraine from buying anti-drone rifles and anti-sniper systems through the Nato Support and Procurement Agency. Germany dropped the first thing, after seeing it as unthinkable.

Ukraine has also strongly opposed Germany’s support for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will bring Russian air into Germany under the Baltic Sea, across Ukraine. Opponents say it will weaken Kyiv and strengthen the Kremlin in European electronics markets.

Schönbach’s video shows him saying that Putin should be considered an equal Western, calling Russia “the old”.

“What he [Putin] he wants with respect, ”he said. “And in the eyes of God the glory of men is cheap, yet not cheap. . . it is easy to give her the benefit of the doubt — she deserves it. ”

Schönbach also said that “the Crimean island is gone, it will never return, this is true”. This violates the western line that the Crimean occupation was banned and should be changed.

Germany’s Ministry of Defense said Schönbach’s comments “were not in any way related to the ministry’s status, whether by content or by word of mouth”, adding that Schönbach “would have the opportunity to speak to the Bundeswehr’s Inspector General”.

Schönbach tweeted that his words “expressed my thoughts at that time. . . [and] does not correspond at all with the role of the Bundeswehr. ”

He later he added that the comments were “unreasonable, misinterpreted in the situation, I should not have done that. No denial, it was wrong. ”

Additional reports of Roman Olearchyk in Kyiv

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