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The Peruvian presidential representative is leaving his business


Dressed in a pair of cowboy hats and carrying a large yellow pencil – a symbol of his party – Pedro Castillo cuts off some of the most influential people, traveling the length of Peru to prepare for the leadership.

But among businessmen in Lima and in the markets of Peru’s richest companies, no one is to be ridiculed.

Castillo, a 51-year-old coach and leader of the alliance, came from a political background winning the first phase of elections last month on the shameless Marxist ticket.

His party, Peru Libre (Free Peru), does not want to change slightly in the fifth-largest Latin American country, in an attempt to counter the trade that has dominated the country for generations.

In its statement, the party says foreign companies should be forced to pay 80% of their profits to the government instead of being “sorry” 10, 20 or 30% of what they pay here.

“If companies don’t accept these new values. . . the government must continue to prosper, ”Peru Libre warns.

The party’s founder, Vladimir Cerrón, cites Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and Nicolás Maduro, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Fidel and Raúl Castro of Cuba among “a group of presidents who honored the country”.

“The program dates back to the 1970’s,” said Roxana Barrantes, a professor of economics at Pontifical Catholic University in Lima. “You read it and you think ‘My God, what is this ?!”

The financial market has been rocked by a landslide – not only Castillo’s initial victory but also the vote that followed in favor of its rival in the last general election next month, Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of the country’s former president. Alberto Fujimori.

In the two weeks following the first vote on April 11, the Peruvian stock, the sol, fell by more than 4% and fell by a record 3.85 to a dollar, while the stock price fell by more than 12%. The gap between the 10-year-old law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Treasury has grown by more than 71 points and the cost of securities, with five years of debt reform rising sharply this year after the first round.

One recent business research found three-quarters of Peruvian companies suspended their plans after the June 6 election.

“We do not yet have information on the capital trip but all the evidence shows that people want to get their money out,” said Alonso Segura, a former finance minister.

“I have friends who are in charge of the economy and they have a lot of work to do, opening bank accounts for people in Panama and the US. It’s hard to know how common this is, but it really does happen. ”

Keiko Fujimori accused President Pedro Castillo of heresy in a futile debate © Francisco Vigo / Reuters

It is not clear what Castillo believes in Peru Libre, which also requires new laws to be enacted for a well-known conference and to review trade relations in the country.

Perhaps anxious to overthrow his leadership, he has given a few talks and was not happy with the idea of ​​a presidential debate.

Knowing he had to do something disgusting, Fujimori went last weekend to Chota town, north of the Andes in northern Peru, where Castillo has his own options. There, he was told to have a casual discussion at the venue he had prepared for.

According to party sources, Castillo told foreign powers that he had “ruined the country”.

“Gold, silver, zinc should belong to the people of Peru,” he said. “It’s time to dump her and move on. No more poor people in a rich country! ”

For those who are concerned about Castillo’s leadership, there is comfort in the political turmoil that has taken place in Peru. At the next meeting, Peru Libre will be the largest party with 37 seats out of 130 seats.

Even with the help of some leftists, it is difficult to get a third of the votes cast for the parliamentary vote that Castillo will have to avoid, allowing two-thirds of those who would like to change the law.

“Look at his thoughts. It can’t be achieved unless you have all the power in the conference, “said Alfredo Thorne, a former finance minister.

“With the copper industry in place, most mines around the world are making a profit. You don’t have to live in Peru to make copper. ”

With less than a month to go, Fujimori still has a chance of winning, albeit following almost 10% and is disgusted by the majority of Peruvians, who associate him with her father’s divisive rule in the 1990s and her self-defense as a congresswoman in recent years.

More than two-thirds of the nominees did not vote for the first one. Some 10-18% say they do not know who will return to the second round, and by the end of the quarter they say they have ruined their choices.

“The problem with Castillo’s ouster against Fujimori is that most voters see all those who want to be disqualified,” Teneo reporters said.


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