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The passing of the Halo Infinite season will never end

I am Hello Unlimited is designed to make multiple players for free for the first time in the license history, you have a good chance of wanting to know how Microsoft is making money. Followed yesterday look at his first system, 343 Industries shared 13 minutes in depth in most games Monday. About half of the video sees the studio talking about how it plans to tackle free shows Forever.

As you can imagine, the public form will have a lot of choices. As with previous games, you can modify the Spartan soldier’s weapons to be yours. For example, you can change their body image and voice, in addition to the AI ​​voice that screams what is happening in the match. There are also many ways to choose weapons and vehicles.

I am Forever, 343 companies are said to be taking a “start-up” approach to development and innovation. There will be no random robberies or game robberies. Instead, one of the biggest ways you can earn your living is to fight a temporary fight Microsoft is preparing to sell. Everyone will have different categories of items that you can open and store. In addition, each game reward within the game is held by one person, so if the item is part of the war, it is the only way you can earn money; 343 does not allow players to purchase these items individually.

“A lot of our stuff opens up because of playing this game, and just playing this game,” said Christopher Blohm, who leads the fundraising for players. By shocking players who only have a few hours each week to play video games, the fighting competition does not end after the season started. Instead, you will have the opportunity to purchase each time you are released. And with the start of the new season, you can decide what you can do to improve. To begin with Hello Unlimited will play for free on the Xbox Series X / S and PC, everything you can do on one platform will surpass the other.

The big downslide also includes a lot of other interesting aspects of how many people will work Forever, so it’s best to check if you have 13 minutes. Microsoft will release it Hello Unlimited this holiday season.

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