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The ‘Outriders’ makers eventually start restoring your lost weapons


Salvation is almost like you has lost your goods in Outward appearances… to some extent. Kotaku reports to People Can Fly and Square Enix starts restore the weapons of the “Group A” players who not only lost their weapons, but were unable to enter with one or more. You are not sure if you will get anything back if you are affected, unfortunately, but you should get all the equipment, all the historical items and all the Accolades completed.

You will have only 20 items that were “already found” in your storage, however, they will be selected based on your needs and the time you have available. If your property is complete, you must free up space before the server delivers your tools to you. The characters who can enter can find 20 items of “god” memorabilia that they have already sold.

Restoration is underway, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few hours or more for this.

The developers have not yet commented on whether the Group B players, who lost their items but could now enter, have returned their weapons. However, it is an important start – and it is good news at a time when most game developers they will not take their progress lightly.

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