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The other end of the Marvel Eternals was very dark

The mega Celestial in Eternals.

The people of the Celestials found their way in the Eternal Age.
Picture: Marvel Studios

Ending Marvel film is a challenge. On the one hand, there should be closure and the size of the story and the characters almost. On the other hand, there is a need for more space to move forward to maintain full license. Each film tries to balance the two, they often have post-mortem demonstrations, and Chloe Zhao Forever it is no different. However, while the film was being made, the artist tried a non-split end.

A portrait of Marvel's Eternals Had a Dark End, According to Chloé Zhao

If you remember, the film explains that throughout history, Eternals go to Earth, make sure they are safe from a heavenly birth that gives the world a chance to save many others, then their memory is erased before moving on to the next. Yet this time, these Eternal saves the Earth from Heaven, remembers everything, and is compelled to deal with the consequences. On the team side, this means being chased by a god who knows where the great Heavenly One is, Arishem. For some, it means traveling in a galaxy looking to illuminate certain Eternities in their warfare, wherever to meet Thanos’ brother, Eros.

So that’s what happens in the movie. The Eternals remember and continue with the unstable Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, talking to the Empire, Zhao explained that it was not always the end. “We’ve come to an end that is a bit traumatic. Evil. I didn’t hate it, because I was used to movies that were very confusing. But I don’t think it went well with the audience, “he said.” This end would give Eternal victory, and Heaven’s victory. ” The Twilight Zone, ” Oscar winner continues. “I remember a dark time, everyone was like, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ Also, it’s the MCU, and you want to enjoy what’s coming. “So Earth was saved, MCU still exists, but the characters didn’t remember any part.

Zhao also explained that changing the ending on his videos is not uncommon. “I have never made a movie that ends with the one I wrote! You will find it in the edit,” he said. “Planning is one of the three stages of filmmaking, and the more you show it, the more you end up with it. I don’t think I’ve made a single film in which the opening and ending are almost the same as the script, because the scenes are so fluid when we shoot. Yes, even in the MCU.

What do you think about this version of the ending? Would it have worked overall for Marvel? Could it possibly have been better for these characters not to remember the events so they could be sidelined? Let us know what you think. Eternals arrives on Disney+ January 12.

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