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The Nokia 2720 Flip phone is coming to the US


No matter how many Android phones HMD release, are memories of Old Nokia which makes for a great decoration. We’ve already seen some of the new features that are on display 3310, 8110 (aka “bananaphone”) and music lovers 5310. But nothing screams like phones. Yes, HMD actually released one of these in 2019 with the Nokia 2720 Flip (modified version of 2720 Fold) but it was not available in the US. This is about to change, as this smartphone goes to the beach on May 20 like Verizon (parent company Engadget).

Obviously, the best thing about a cell phone file is that you can stop it to close the call, which is more satisfying than just cutting your finger. This, along with the keyboard, could guarantee a $ 80 price for some. Well, as long as you can change the shape of the smaller 2.8-inch. A small external display, meanwhile, shows you who is calling and allows you to view your credentials.

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Apart from that, the new 2720 is briefly described as a unique phone with bells and whistles. Features include 4G connectivity, Google Assistant, browser, access to KaiOS stores with Facebook, WhastApp and other mobile games. Lack of background apps also means that the battery lasts much longer than a mobile phone. You can download the Nokia 2720 V Flip on May 20 from a Verizon retailer or My Verizon app.

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