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The ‘New World’ video features game shows and hit stories from upcoming Amazon MMO


Amazon Game Studios has unveiled a new trailer coming New World MMO ahead of August 31 release date. The image provides an overview of the many RPG machines, including weapons and Amazon attacks . We should also see Expeditions, New Worldthey take fixed prisons.

When the game comes out this summer, you and four other friends will have the opportunity to explore these events to learn more about the game world. Everyone has offered a number of challenges to overcome and to seize what you can find in the same prison. “Each Expedition tells its story and has a unique experience,” says Amazon Game Studios in published on the nation earlier this year. There will be a variety of Expeditions to explore throughout the game, with the first one, Amrine Exploration, opening for players as soon as they reach 25.

If there is a large carrier coming from the trailer, how much more so New World has come from Amazon began to show the work. Great follow-up , Sports Director Scot Lane said New World the group has “identified a few things that will not happen” during the translation period it announced last year. That’s why they made the decision to reintroduce the game again and believe that things will be “flexible”.

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