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The new Nintendo OLED switch costs $ 350 and arrives on October 8th


Four years after the introduction of Change in the World, Nintendo games and releasing a color boost of his wonderful consolation. After that false years, the company has now confirmed the existence of a new type of switch and OLED display. It costs $ 349.99 and arrives on October 8th.

As expected, the latest version has it a larger cloth, seven inches. The 720p OLED display, which Nintendo claims to be the best, is down from the 6.2-inch LCD screen on the first switch. Comfort has greatly reduced bezels and 64GB of storage, while the port has a LAN connected port.

Nintendo is promising “advanced voice” with a new switch, which works with all Joy-Con controllers. The company offers you a red / blue color with a black port, or a white / black with a white port.

The new change also has what it looks like very much a tight-fitting connector that reaches its entire width at the back of the contractor. It can be lifted anywhere and looks much stronger than the small, fragile plastic that supported the old Reformation.

However, there are no 4K releases when it is stopped, according to reports. You will only play at 1080p high resolution on your TV. Also Nintendo is not repairing any other internal features. The OLED device was rumor having a new chipset backed by NVSSIA technology for DLSS upscaling, but this is not the case this time. The company also warned that tweaks as a major cover meant that the new Update would not work properly Nintendo Labo products.

The original change is still in progress selling as hot cakes, so there is a case that Nintendo did not need to renew the contract here. But the first show of switchch with larger bezels is starting to look a little off in 2021; this OLED screen is supposed to make the image more modern. That said, for those who want to save money, Nintendo will continue to sell the first switch, for now.

It is possible that the need will exceed the availability. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa told the bankers by announcing in May that the company had still struggled with shortages and production difficulties. The program of a global shortage of experimental studies It will also reduce production capacity. As a result, the new upgrade can be much harder to find than the console that has been in various locations.

Since releasing its first switch in 2017, Nintendo has released a modified version and upgrade the battery. It also releases hand-held only Edit Lite in 2019. Two years later, moving in the opposite direction and making a change is a wise thing to do. All the best to get your hands on anytime soon, though.

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