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The new Meta learning algorithm can teach AI to do many things

Data2vec is part of what happens in AI going examples that can learn to understand the world in a number of ways. “It’s a smart idea,” says Ani Kembhavi at the Allen Institute for AI in Seattle, who works on vision and language. “It’s an exciting development in terms of learning systems.”

An important caveat is that although the same learning method can be applied to a variety of skills, it is possible to learn one skill at a time. Once it has learned to recognize images, it must start from the beginning to learn speech recognition. Providing multiple AI skills at once is a challenge, but that is what the Meta AI team wants to look at again.

The researchers were surprised to find that their approach was significantly better than the current methods of recognizing images and speech, as well as the effectiveness and guidance of languages ​​in word comprehension.

Mark Zuckerberg is already there dreaming of possible metaverse application. “All of this will be built into AR glasses by an AI assistant,” he posted on Facebook today. “It can help you cook dinner, see if you miss the product, and make you reduce heat, or work harder.”

For Auli, the main vessel is for researchers to come out of their archives. “Well, you don’t have to focus on one thing,” he says. “If you have a good idea, it can help the whole team.”

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