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The new Logitech’s ‘Pen’ is a redesigned Chromebook textbook

Logitech has launched a new record called Logitech Pen were designed primarily by K-12 students. Works with Chromebooks with touch screens that support the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) standard and Works with Chromebooks certification. Google back which took place in 2018 and connected with other developers such as Intel and Lenovo in their quest to create open source software, and a team of manufacturers have released USI-compatible Chromebooks for many years since then.

Logitech Pen works with a wide range of brands in all brands, such as Lenovo, Acer, HP, Asus and Samsung. Michele Hermann, Vice President of Mobility and Head of Education Solutions at Logitech, said: “Since students and teachers are using the Chromebook as a daily tool in schools and at home, we have created the Logitech Pen to unlock all possible features for the Chromebook. ‘class. “

The Logitech pen has a silicone shape, immovable and comes in a size that even children can handle. Its active peak has 4,096 levels of strong conviction – equivalent to dynamic levels Surface Slim Pen 2 – and can mimic writing on paper more than a rubber tip or a fingerprint. By default, Logitech Note does not need to be connected in advance, so students can simply download and use it.

The Pencil Battery can last up to 15 days and use at school frequently and can be charged using a standard USB-C Charger. And, since it was designed for school children, it is immovable and has four-foot military protection. Available this month from retailers in the United States and select markets for $ 65.

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