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The Morning After: Peloton refuses to stop making his bikes

New Year’s solid disagreements aside, many of us carefully make our way back to the gym. What about our gym at home? How about your Peloton bike? Follow up on reports from Price CNBC that the company made production suspended On its Bike and Tread (treadmill) products, as well as looking to reduce costs, Peloton says it has not stopped production. However, and note the word choice, Peloton CEO John Foley said in a letter to employees that the company was “re-establishing”. [its] production standards for successful growth. “

And what to do if you get off your bike? My dad used his bicycle to get up almost every day when I was growing up. And when she did not, it made a very beautiful piece of clothing.

– Matt Smith

5G technology can disrupt aircraft avionics.

Nowadays, carriers are expanding their 5G network across the country, facing a daunting prospect: That one of the 5G-type networks could disrupt the radio frequency of commercial aircraft at less than 2,500 feet, which could cause such controllers to misinterpret distance from. ground and decay. This sets the stage for a confrontation between US airlines and domestic operators.

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But not for everyone.


Undoubtedly one of the most hidden outfits, the Oura ring is back. It is smart, has a subscription function and lasts about a week between bills. But is there enough to make it on top of Fitbits and Apple Watches out there? It’s not a tool that every fitness enthusiast would love, but Oura seems to be the way to look at your life. Editor-in-chief Daniel Cooper slips a smart third-generation ring.

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Who needs people?



Casio has not been a major player in the world for synthesizers for some time. Recently, the company laughed at what seemed to be a return to real synths. All we have is the Casiotone CT-S1000V. It looks like a mid-range Casiotone that uses a corporate AiX-type engine, with a cast word as a bonus. In short, it is a dialing keyboard.

Unusual to be able to whip up other songs in another program, send them to the CT-S1000V and play a voice if the song was enough to attract the attention of Terrence O’Brien.

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The cryptocurrency exchange sealed the results of its investigation. chief executive Kris Marszalek has admitted that the swindlers tampered with more than 400 customer accounts. and approximately $ 66,200 in other expenses. According to current exchange rates, it is $ 15.3 million for ETH and $ 18.7 million for BTC at $ 34 million in losses.

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Amazon, but make fashion.

Amazon is opening its first Amazon Style clothing store with the promise of high-end purchases, confirming last year’s rumors. It gives consumers a sense of “knowing and liking,” according to Amazon, and the app allows you to select an item, size and color and send it to the appropriate room or counter. The first store is coming to The Americana Brand in Los Angeles sometime “later this year,” the company said.

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