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The manufacturers of nappies are changing in China from infants to the elderly

China is about to offer one of the most sensible discussions, as nappy makers begin to prioritize a growing group of active older people rather than a small number of infants.

The expected crossing, which affects the marketing and commercialization of some of the world’s largest consumer groups, comes as predictions predict that Chinese people over the age of 65 will reach 365m by 2050 – the fifth largest in the world.

Nappy makers, analysts and investors say China’s large diaper market could surpass infants by 2025, confirming rapid movement and social change.

Jun Kato, a CLSA expert, said the transition period “could be” early “, due to the rapid growth of the adult segment compared to infants, who are” growing slowly “.

This trend in the world’s most populous countries is changing appearing in Japan Ten years ago, when baby diapers began to be sold more and more by adults.

In 30 years, one in four Chinese people will be older, compared to one in 10 by 2020, according to a study by Natixis, a French bank.

Global investors are also fighting to seize the share of China’s aging companies, with business groups scrambling. Chinese vendors of funerals and burials.

Predicting the Chinese market capitalization – CLSA

In response to population change, Unicharm, one of China’s largest textile and sanitary ware retailers, has in recent months changed dramatically, according to experts and investors.

The Tokyo-based company for the first time is offering more advertising revenue to adults than infants, people close to the company told the Financial Times.

“You’re changing from a commercial to a non-verbal customer, to a consumer who doesn’t like to talk about the business,” says a Tokyo researcher.

Unicharm declined to confirm changes to its advertising budget, but a spokesman said in comparison to its previous advertising policies it was no longer the money to buy the Chinese children’s market.

The spokesperson added that since last year the proceeds from China’s most lucrative women’s care business have been invested in empowering older people.

Napkin line manufacturer in Jinhu County, China © Costfoto / Barcroft Media / Getty

CLSA predicts that within eight years China’s largest diaper market could reach $ 16bn, up from less than $ 1bn last year. By 2040, market growth should rise to $ 30bn.

At a recently opened factory in Hubei, central China, the owner of a factory recently gambled away. The company’s new products are designed for the elderly, not infants.

The business owner, who asked not to be named, said there was “already” need “from online businesses created by the elderly and hospital care facilities.

An increasing number of Chinese companies such as New Sensation are threatening foreign textile manufacturers, including Unicharm.

Even foreign companies are happy with a premium than nappy brands for years, there are indications that the cachet may not be working in the major diaper market.

“The extreme belief in Japanese nationalism is related to the evils that occur [the] protection of infant formula. . . but it has been many years now [those incidents], ”Said Kato.

“Chinese [consumers] they feel that their brand is growing. New things are said as soon as they are released – the word comes quickly if the product is good. ”

Additional reports of Maiqi Ding in Beijing

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