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The Long, Strange Life of the Oldest Male Rat in the World


Joe has seen the dynasties rise and fall. He and his associates spent years building the nest, caring for the queen, and protecting the newcomers as elected soldiers or soldiers. Most of them lead healthy lives. And because they live in deep caves in the desert, rats have fewer natural animals.

Then they do to kill a naked rat? “They fight,” says Martha Delaney, a veterinarian at the University of Illinois. Naked rats are oppressive. They will attack the outsiders, push and bite each other, and drive members of their own race into the lost.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful animal,” says Melissa Holmes honestly. Holmes is a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto who works with more than 1,000 naked rats. Inside the mysterious rats give them a reputation for violence. “But animals that live in large groups are remarkably resilient,” he says.

Holmes has had his neighborhood for 12 years. “And in some of my places, we’ve never had a problem,” he says. “It’s amazing how animals stay together for so many years without being oppressed.”

Naked rats do not age or get sick. They do. But their bodies somehow reduce this. Although the male bones are thin and thin for many years, mole rats bones to preserve the same salt remains intact. People tend to eat more fat with age. Naked rats? No.

“But the most interesting thing,” says Buffenstein, “is the heart.” The human nerves and nerves often become stronger over time. When those walls are solid, the heart must be puffed up. Blood pressure rises. Risk of death rising up. The genitals of the genital area are relaxed throughout life. “Any rate we have seen in a change heart has not changed from six months to 24 years,” he says.

In humans, heart disease is the most common. Cancer is the second most common cause. About 40% US people have cancer for the rest of their lives. For naked rats, the chance is less than 1 percent. Mu 2008 survey, Buffenstein states that there are no cancers at all in a group of 800 rats. By 2021, Buffenstein is said to have found five cancers instead of 3,000 necropsies.

“She grows up really well,” says Delaney. “She’s well-adjusted, she’s just like the body wonders.” Delaney mainly studies genital rats in zoos, analyzes biopsies and muscle segments to determine the extent of her death. She has been diagnosed with several cancers in two naked rats (“after hundreds of tests,” she says). Even cancer did not kill. Naked rats grow kidneys and brain tumors and old age, but which do not become disease.

This unexpected instability means that there may be something about their biology that we can use as pills – or one day as a genetic aid – for humans. “And that’s why I think it’s very popular now,” says Delaney, “as research examples not only of cancer, but also age-related diseases.” But whether it is popular or not, the real benefits remain elusive.

Scientists want to do that let’s look at what we can do in our biology to mimic the height of rats. Take the cancer. Male rats are so effective in preventing cancer that researchers speculate that their cells may have been linked to protective molecules that stopped mutating cells before they started. For example, cat cells are packed with high levels of a protein called p53, which is known to inhibit tumors. Last year, Buffenstein claimed a show Multiply several times in their more connected animals than humans and mice — and they are stable.


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