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The lightning of the Ford F-150 is the Dystopia Electric Vehicle

When the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk reached the stage in 2019 to reveal the company Electric whole electric box, the audience was shocked, and I say this little by little. Appearance was, as one industrialist told WIRED at the time, “Anti-humanistic,” ascending, apparently, to Amisala Max future. Despite being like a mascot of zero-emission cars, Musk doesn’t always worry about the future of humanity on Earth – that’s why all things Mars-That’s a car the irregular design sounded clear.

But the real EV of dystopia could be a new picture. Ford Wednesday revealed Lightning F-150, cheap the most popular electric car brand in America. Bill Ford, the company’s chief executive, described the event in a logical way and described it as “a wonderful time for our companies.” The 64-year-old leader thought for a moment. He said, “This car fulfills our promise to our children and grandchildren that our generation is determined to leave a white country for them.”

It is therefore unlikely that the car’s first sale will affect, even if necessary, the survival of the Earth-changing planet. It will be the first electric car, the company says, to act like a “wheelbarrow battery.” Ford says the F-150’s high-cost battery will be able to light up a black house for three days. Users can pay to set up home integration machines, a guaranteed price. At the meeting, CEO Jim Farley mentioned the recent hurricane in Texas, which has been he says otherwise in climate change and that disrupted the state power grid for five days, as a reason to carry Lightning.

In this strange way, it can be Lightning that prepares us for our slow, dangerous descent into chaos.

Experts have said that for many years the American automotive electronics industry is crucial in the fight global warming. In the US, the transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gases, and most of them come from the transportation of motor vehicles and vehicles. For this reason, governments provide income and taxes to encourage people to buy electric cars. However, the choice is up to the individual consumer. Will consumers need a battery on wheels?

Ford added additional aids to expand the request. Cheap car models come with 11 AC outlets, which are great if you want to connect electrical appliances while on the road. The car is incredibly “curved”, that is, the front trunk, a place where a combustion engine can run on a gas-powered car – which drivers can use to store valuables that are not comfortable lying on the bed. Research conducted and a consulting firm BCG (and a Ford subsidiary) found that, of the 17 million F-several vehicles on U.S. roads today, between one-quarter and one-third of all used are commercially available. If the car is successful, its power tools will need to attract users.

The design attracts many types of drivers. It’s a “Swiss Army pickup truck,” says Gil Tal, who studies transportation at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Study. “Some people use them when they go shopping for milk, some take part when they want to go to the streets, and some use them.” The electronic box may not be a carrier for anyone, he says, and many traditional consumers will not be cotton to the new technology right away. “This is the beginning,” he says.

9.6 Kw energy efficiency in your home is what Costa Samaras, a professor of electrical engineering at Carnegie Mellon, calls “extras.” “It’s great that one can use it once every two years,” he says. But the car’s ability to drive home electricity, as well as equipment, could be a form of distraction even for those who were once angry with the EV, he says. Americans may not be interested in buying things that will help climate change. But the need for home generators in Texas has arrived regular riders since the February hurricane. People like to be ready. This could be an electric car ‘- and Ford’s – a profit.

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