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The ‘League of Legends’ 2021 takes place in Shenzhen on November 6th

The Riot game was able to catch up last year League of Legends finalists in-person even the COVID-19 epidemic, and gives face-to-face competition to try another virus (hopefully) down. The developer has it he announced that the 2021 World Cup will be held in Shenzhen, China on November 6. There was no mention of any security (more on the upcoming events “future”), but Riot was determined to empower 60,334 people of the Universiade Sports Center venue.

The 2020 competition in Shanghai relied on “isolation foam” to protect the health of its competitors. The ceremony took place as planned, two Vietnamese groups were unable to attend. There were also substitutes for players who could not compete due to travel difficulties.

The second Riot epidemic also demonstrates the security of the end of 2020 and the confidence that public safety has changed enough to make the 2021 event a reality.

The ruling also illustrates the whole point a revival of the afternoon race with the people in 2021. Although the Riots did not boycott the rallies, their idea of ​​a World Cup in Shenzhen comes as some organizers strongly believe that the vaccine will give them a chance to roll out. Don’t be surprised if Riot’s announcement encourages other teams to resume the game, even if they’re very safe.

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