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The latest Wandercraft skeleton allows disabled people to walk with their natural movements

Wandercraft from Paris has announced that it is the latest “AtalanteThe exoskeleton has been redesigned to allow paraplegic patients and other patients to walk naturally during rehabilitation. and additional funding.

The last time I saw an exoskeleton of the first generation of Wandercraft is over four years ago, which is a field in the field of robotics. However, recently I had the opportunity to see a recent example used by disabled patients, and to chat with them and the group behind Atalante.

Steve Dent / Engadget

Exoskeleton Bones (or exos, as they are referred to in the industry) have powerful “wearable robots” that are customized for each user, designed to help navigate therapeutic journeys and restore patient mobility. Talante is a second-generation exo of Wandercraft with a much higher design and shape than the original version. It comes with a remote connector for use as well as a new program that allows the fitness professional and the patient to move and exercise. It uses two removable batteries that allow it to be used continuously.

The new model is very small, flexible and comfortable for patients, thanks to the new hardware, tweaks in the right and very smart software. Now I am self-organizing, so it is easier to focus on patients and physiotherapists. Although it was not approved for use on its own, Wandercraft showed me a video showing that it has self-control, even when it is pushed per kilter. It also offers features that make it easy to get in and out, along with “Wander Balance” which makes “verticalization” easier to help the patient stand up.

The device generates dynamic and flexible kinematics depending on the condition of each patient, and the settings that allow them to exercise. The most recent is the “RealGait” (above) which allows for body movement and adjustable speed. “CustomGait” allows speed, step height and multiple locations to be adjusted, while “ActiveGait” allows the user to adjust support from 0 to 100 percent. This feature also includes “EarlyGait” starting steps, as well as a new version of RealGait.

These features, combined with the small changes, make Atalante very useful. “We’ve shifted slowly to make it happen instantly instead of taking up too much space,” Wandercraft boss Matthieu Masselin told me. “We’ve redesigned things like building and padding. This allows the patient to get in faster, move more freely and move more in each phase – which means remodeling and re-training.”

All of this is backed up by multiple sensors and software that can adapt to the fly, Wandercraft told me. The “stability” of the device facilitates a wide range of mobility options, as well as providing confidence to the patient and physiotherapist that the device (which has not yet been available at 130 pounds) will not pass.

Wandercraft Atalante exoskeleton

Steve Dent / Engadget

Wandercraft allows other patients to use Atalante for rehab and I have seen it work with Arbiha, a disabled patient who has used it several times. The device was suspended from the roof and used by a physiotherapist for safety reasons, but the plan is for one day to have a Bible that can be used in the real world without assistance.

It was amazing that he could easily walk for an hour. Exo support offers clear benefits such as cardiovascular / lymphatic system training and arm training and other supportive muscles, but it goes further.

Wandercraft Atalante exoskeleton

Steve Dent / Engadget

“It strengthens my body and my spirit,” Arbhia told me. “It gives me a workout of the heart that I could not have otherwise done. Exercising for a long time also helps me to keep my balance, while the side is lost when you do not stand up. I have a stomach ache and I suffer from hunger.

The ultimate goal of Wandercraft is a human bullet that can be used as a home or on the road. To that end, the company has just received a $ 45 million grant to support the “public movement” project. “With the team we have, the money we have received and the expertise we have made, we are confident that one day we can have our exo on the streets and in people’s homes,” Masselin said. But we still have a lot of work to do.

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