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The latest Android updates include starred messages and voice recorders

Last week, Google He left out the upcoming updates for Pixel phones and it follows this story today with the stuff that goes into the Android environment. This is new arrives mainly today or this week, and picks up items like Messages, Emoji, Assistant, Android Auto and Voice Access.

Among these, which can be very helpful in our daily interactions with our phones and the new ability to record content in the Messaging app. This is like clicking a message in Slack or Telegram – when you click and save the message and star it, you can find it later by going to the Starred section in the app. Google says starred messages are “starting to spread in the coming weeks.”

Google also makes it easier to communicate with your device using your own words. Many apps now partner with Assistant, which has an extreme combination of features. This means that you can now ask an Adviser for things like “pay my Capital One money” or “see my miles in Strava” to open all these programs and complete the tasks or view your statistics on the screen. You can also say “Hey Google, short” to see what you can do.


For people with car disabilities, Voice Access now has a clear beta interface that will allow you to activate it once you look out the window. That way, if you are using voice commands to connect to your phone when you are close to friends and relatives, you don’t have to worry that Voice Access will take over your voice when you chat with someone. Google has also updated its password entry tool in Voice Access. Now, when the system detects a secret component, it gives you the opportunity to write letters, numbers and symbols. Therefore you can say “capital P, a, s, s, w, o, r, d” for example, or “dollar sign exclamation point” to enter symbols.

Google emoji integration tool, called Emoji Kitchen, it also finds updates. Say you made a good sticker by mixing the crying face with the picture on the right. The next time you type something in Gboard that Google believes is important for stickers, it looks like emoji. This Emoji Kitchen concept has been unveiled to the Gboard beta today, and will be coming this summer to all Gboard users (on Android 6.0 and later) in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Those who use Android Auto in their cars have seen other options, such as setting up a dark screen on their dashboard and using their phones to customize the startup. Google has added additional features to make it easier to browse content, with new tabs in deep media apps, a backlash and an A-to-Z button in the bar. It also helps set up a system to help users get started with Android Auto “with a few simple tapes.”

Enter Google Voice Access password


Google also claims to have added new software experience, with EV advertising, parking and mobile apps now available in Android Auto. It has also helped to improve text messaging and allow you to use your favorite apps such as WhatsApp or Messages from the window. You can also send new messages from both apps.

Finally, Google brings it Earthquake warning systems from Android to other countries. Android Earthquake Alerts System uses millions of Android devices around the world as mini seismometers to see if tectonic movements are taking place. It was launched last August in California, and more recently was developed in Greece and New Zealand. Today, Google is launching the initiative in Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The company also said it wants to make this known in many countries in the first half of 2022, starting with countries “with high risks that also affect large numbers of users of Android phones and Google Play Services.” Next, it will trigger a series of catastrophic earthquakes around the world.

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